Why Your Business Needs to Hire a Dedicated SEO Company

Why Your Business Needs to Hire a Dedicated SEO Company

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The competition for top organic search real estate is at an all time high. Every business is after the top positions and they are increasing their budgets and doing everything needed in order to succeed. If you want to increase your visibility in the organic search results you need to hire a dedicated SEO company. Running a successful SEO campaign is a full time job and requires the knowledge and experience of professionals that also stay up to date on the ever changing data refreshes and algorithm updates.

There is no way around it. If your business wants to generate more organic website traffic that will convert into leads, sales and revenue then you need search engine optimization. You need to consider SEO as an investment in your business, and when you hire the right SEO company it can deliver a very healthy ROI and contribute significantly to your business growth.

Why Your Business Needs to Hire a Dedicated SEO Company

A successful SEO strategy contains several moving parts that all have to be synced together and work together to produce the desired results, which is maximum organic search visibility. Most businesses don’t have the internal capabilities to handle all of the tasks that combine to form a successful SEO strategy. If you were to handle your entire search engine optimization effort in-house you would need to form the following departments and teams:

SEO Strategy Development

It takes a lot of planning before you start an SEO campaign. There are so many little details to work out before the work even begins. Keyword research, landing page design and development, conversion funnel creation, and lead nurturing campaigns all have to be mapped out. SEO involves more than just attracting the traffic, as you need a plan to convert and monetize that traffic in place. The strategy will depend on a lot of factors, such as business goals, business type, and competition.

On-Page Optimization

Your on-page optimization plays such a large role in your visibility. If your on=page optimization is off, even in the slightest way, it can really impact the potential of your organic reach. Your initial on-page optimization needs to be perfect before any of the off-site work is started and every single new page or blog post that is published on your website will require an on-page audit. Many businesses completely ignore their on-page optimization and the small adjustments that they ignore holds them back in the search results.

Content Creation

You will need to publish a lot of content for an aggressive SEO campaign. This includes optimized content for your company’s blog as well as content for outside outlets in the form of guest posts and even self-publishing platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

Don’t focus on just blog posts for your content. Visual content such as animated videos and infographics are also part of a diverse content marketing strategy that helps to attract attention, mentions, traffic and links. So, not only do you need writers but you also need animators, artists and graphic designers to handle all of the different content types.

Link Outreach

You aren’t going to secure a placement yet alone even receive an email response every time you reach out to a website or media outlet. In fact, you might send out 50 or more emails for every single link opportunity that you secure. This requires a team dedicated solely on outreach.

Every single website receives multiple requests daily so it takes a creative strategy to get the attention of influencers and decision makers. These strategies have to constantly change and adapt, and a good team of outreach specialists are constantly testing different methods to secure link placements.

Link/SEO Audit

In order to maintain strong rankings it’s a good idea to always audit your link profile. Often times low quality scraper sites will pick up content that contains a link to your website. These spammy links do more harm than good, so a team dedicated to constantly removing low quality links that aren’t benefiting the SEO campaign is an added bonus of working with an SEO agency.

Social Media

Social media is great for promoting your content and business in general, but it is also a great way to make connections that lead to exposure opportunities that help improve the SEO. A dedicated social media team is expensive and there is a good chance that you aren’t going to be able to assemble one that is also experience in SEO and knows how to manage a social marketing campaign that works hand-in-hand with the SEO effort.

Analytics & Metrics

Your analytics and data need to be constantly analyzed and used to dictate the direction of the SEO campaign moving forward. This isn’t something that can be looked at once a month. Just like all other components of the search marketing effort it is a full time job. What pieces of content are performing best in search? What content is responsible for the highest number of conversions? What can be done to eliminate the things that aren’t working and apply that effort and budget towards what is working? These are all things that need to be constantly visited.

The cost of assembling and maintaining the staff requires to carry out your SEO in-house will greatly exceed the cost of hiring an experienced SEO firm. Even if you didn’t mind spending several times more, you also miss out on one very important advantage, and that is all of the data SEO companies gather from the many businesses they work with.

SEO companies with a large portfolio of businesses are able to spot trends and notice changes in real-time rather than waiting for news to break on a SEO news website. If you would like to save money and put your internal talent to better use, consider hiring a professional SEO company to manage your entire organic search marketing campaign. If you would like to discuss how we can help your business grow online request a consultation and quote here.

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