What Triggers Comments, Shares, and Likes on Facebook

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Have you ever wondered what is responsible for attracting comments, shares and likes on Facebook? Why do some posts receive social love while others don't?

If you have never paid much attention to it now is the time to start caring. When you are able to understand what contributes to your Facebook posts receiving attention it allows you to duplicate it and really ramp up your Facebook engagement and referral traffic.

You have to first identify what it is that causes people to use Facebook and engage with the brands that they follow. QuickSprout created the infographic below to help explain how to attract more Facebook traffic by understand what triggers the shares, likes and comments.

Writing quality content and sharing it on Facebook will attract engagement as long as your audience finds it valuable and helpful.

Use the information provided in the infographic to increase your Facebook interaction and the amount of referral traffic it sends back to your website.

What Triggers Comments, Shares, and Likes on Facebook

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