What The Apple Watch Means For SEO & Search Marketing

What The Apple Watch Means For SEO & Search Marketing

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The Apple Watch aims to become the most advanced and widely used mobile watch device to hit the market. So, with consumers about to have the power of their mobile device on their wrist, what does this mean for SEO and search marketing?

Well, the Apple Watch will allow you to provide viewable content to watches of your target market. Some business owners may think this sounds silly, but an effective online marketing strategy involves delivering content to your users that is as convenient as possible. There is no doubt that a large percentage of consumers will be equipped with the Apple Watch and they will get accustomed to its features and capabilities. This makes it very important that you are positioned to deliver your social media marketing and content marketing in a way that includes the smart watch segment. You cannot leave them out – there will be far too many to ignore. If you do exclude them your competition will make sure to cater to them.

What The Apple Watch Means For SEO & Search Marketing

A few years ago the focus was on mobile. Some businesses still do not have mobile friendly websites and they are putting themselves at a major handicap by not providing a pleasant viewing experience for that percentage of website traffic. Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic and now with the introduction of smart watches it is going to require business owners evaluate their current SEO strategies and make changes to adapt.

Technology is Constantly Changing

Remember when text messaging was first introduced? How about being able to access your email with a Blackberry device? Then the first camera phone was released, followed by the ability to access the Internet via a mobile device. It wasn’t that long ago that all of this technology and conveniences were introduced and now they are a part of every day life.

While searching the Internet from your wrist might sound silly to some, it will undoubtedly become a common occurrence, just like mobile search did. As a business owner you need to be where your target customer is searching.

Why Does SEO Matter For The Apple Watch

Your website is going to have to present your content on the Apple Watch, the same way it does on desktops and mobile devices. Smart watches are not new to the market, but the release of the Apple Watch will really increase the popularity of the devices.

Mobile devices provide the ability to search on the go and a smart watch makes it even easier, especially with voice search technology. While the iPhone has Siri, many users will simply pull up Google on their mobile device and perform a search rather then utilize voice technology. The convenience of the watch (and small screen size) is sure to increase the percentage of voice-based searches.

What does this mean? This will make targeting long tail keywords more important than ever. If you are not targeting very industry specific long tail keywords that have buyer intent then you need to quickly change your SEO strategy.

Understanding Buyer Intent Keywords & Search Phrases

You need to understand the difference between keywords that signal someone is looking to “buy” and those that are just seeking information. If you owned a plumbing business in Miami what keyword do you think would attract a potential customer?

  • “plumbing tips”
  • “emergency plumber in Miami”

The first keyword is just a general search term that someone would type into the search engine in order to look up some plumbing tips. It isn’t a keyword that will bring in a potential customer. The second one signals a searcher that needs the service, and anyone entering in that term into Google is most likely ready to speak to a plumber and hire them right away.

Targeting the right keywords is important and mobile search has really forced businesses to focus on long tail search terms. As smart watches such as the Apple Watch become more popular, highly targeted search terms will be mandatory if you want to capture any of your local market.

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