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What Contributes to Producing a Great Whiteboard Video

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Ten years after the whiteboard video craze started, we are still talking about them. After 3D animation, virtual reality, and 360° videos, whiteboard videos are still on the marketing scene.

Here’s why: they just work! The style is just hard to beat when it comes to clarity and simplicity, as it can convey complex messages in a compelling way. In fact, 74 percent of consumers said there was a connection between online video and their decision-making process on whether or not to make a purchase.

Simply put, the fact that the story is being drawn in front of your eyes, always generates expectations and keeps the viewer hooked and entertained a little longer.

However, not just any whiteboard video will deliver the engagement you’re looking for. No matter if you’ll do it by yourself or hire a professional video company in this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating your first whiteboard video and how to nail it.

The Script

Like other types of explainers, whiteboard videos need a story that will tell your brand’s message and, at the same time, keep it as short as possible. So, are you feeling challenged?

It isn’t so hard. Picture yourself a story in which a character has a problem and your product is the hero who will help him/her to solve that problem. That character needs to represent your target audience so make it look like them (taking into account demographic data such as gender and age). You could also state his/her job position if it’s relevant to your product.

This basic structure for content intended to bolster your marketing strategy usually has three moments.

  • What: You should explain the target audience’s need that your product or service will fulfill. Try to be straightforward because it’s in the first seconds when it’s more likely that your viewer would back out.
  • How: Explain how your product or service solves that problem. The solution has to be explained simply and directly so there’s no time to be too detailed or promotional here.
  • Why: You need to tell your audience why they should choose your product instead of the competition. This is the most “salesy” part of the video because you’ll describe your product’s features, benefits, etc.

Write every word down that the voice over will say to tell that story. Then, read it out loud to confirm it sounds natural.

If you want to see these principles in play, check out this video we created that involved a complex software implementation, and how this three-step structure allowed us to make it simple and engaging:

The Storyboard

The main goal of a storyboard is to visually describe how the story is going to be developed throughout the video. If you hire a professional company, the storyboard is made by the creative director and it’s one of the most important steps of the whole video production process.

Here’s a fine storyboard sample of the previous video:

Storyboard Example

The Three Classic Elements

The first thing you can’t forget is the white background. This clean and simple style is the key to keep your video easy to understand. With a colored background maybe you’ll create a fabulous video but it won’t look like this style.

A great tip is to use your brand colors to highlight some parts of the design. Just a hint of color to brand your black and white video.

Above that, you should add a hand that will draw the story. Some years ago it used to be a real artist who drew everything in front of the camera. Nowadays, it’s a digital image of a hand that a real artist designs and moves to make the drawings come alive.

The hand will be holding the third classic element: the black marker.

Check out a video capture of the final result:

Whiteboard Element Example


Whiteboard videos need very detailed work. In fact, it’s one of the hardest explainer video styles to achieve.

On whiteboard animated videos, drawings and characters need to resemble a hand-made drawing made with a magic marker or a stylish pen. That’s why so much relies on the artist’s shoulders.

Check the details, styles, and shading in this whiteboard animated video capture:

Whiteboard Detail Animation

After the design step, a professional digital artist will animate everything -- from the character’s movements in the scene to their facial expressions -- to make the drawing come alive.

Interconnected Designs

Even if you could design individual scenes (and there are quite a few lame whiteboard videos like this on the web), interconnected designs are what make the difference between a standard and an amazing video that will let your brand shine on the web.

A real whiteboard video shows a continuous and interconnected drawing. Maybe, sometimes you’ll need to clean the whiteboard, but try to do this as few times as possible. You don’t want to break the story into too many pieces and lose your audience’s attention.

Why is this important? These interconnected drawings hook in your audience’s attention. They follow the action as it develops on the screen. If you want to see how drastic a difference active, quality animations can make, just do a quick search for any static whiteboard piece, and compare it with something like this:

In this 3 minute-long animation, every scene is a part of a huge design that prompts the viewer to keep watching until the end of the video. And do note that there’s no wasted effort. The idea is not to add motion and connections just for the sake of it. Each transition has a purpose and meaning behind it.

Final Thoughts

What makes a whiteboard video stand out from the current crowded web? Engaging scripts, detailed characters, and interconnected designs.

Gear your whiteboard video toward maximizing engagement by following these tips and suggestions.

Image: Pixabay

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