Know Your Image File Types Infographic

Understanding Image File Types: When to Use PNG, GIF & JPEG [Infographic]

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Understanding what image file types to use is an important piece of your content marketing effort. Not only do you want to make sure you are using the highest quality image format to display clear and crisp image quality, but you also want to make sure that you donโ€™t use the wrong file type that will eat up more space, use more bandwidth and ultimately lead to a slower loading website. A slow loading website not only provides your users with a bad experience -- it can also have a negative impact on your SEO as well.

Most people donโ€™t even consider the image file type when adding images to blog posts or creating visual content. The focus is typically on the concept and getting it completed and seen. The average business owner isnโ€™t thinking of image clearity or how much space the file is going to take up.

To help you select the correct image file type and understand how they impact your visual content we suggest you take a look at this infographic created by It explains the best practices to use when selecting image file types for visual content.

Know Your Image File Types Infographic

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