Top Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Content Creation Company

Top Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Content Creation Company

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An optimal in-house content creation department can have up to 16 employees.

Can your business afford that?

If not, don't worry -- you’re not alone. At least 45 percent of advertising and marketing executives surveyed by The Creative Group said it’s a challenge to find and attract quality creative content team members. More than half (52 percent) of the group of 400 executives surveyed also said they’re concerned about being able to retain their existing staff in the coming year.

Content creation is hard work -- but it’s work that pays off. According to HubSpot, it brings in three times as many leads as traditional marketing, and it costs 62 percent less. The organization also reports that companies which publish 16 or more blog posts per month get three-and-a-half times more traffic than those that post four blogs each month.

Wait, 16 blogs?

That’s basically a blog every other day. As HubSpot explains, content has to be high quality and consistent to drive your brand forward. If you don’t have the in-house resources and bandwidth to keep the content flowing, you should hire a content creation company. Here are the top four reasons why.

1. It might be too costly to effectively do it yourself.

In an ideal situation the owner of your company would walk into your office and say, “Tell me how much I have to pay to build-out a content creation department in-house.” Hey, it could happen. But it's highly unlikely.

Neil Patel mentioned on his blog that the optimal content creation team would have at least 16 people on it. Some roles or titles you’d recognize, while others -- like knowledge manager, crowd-sourcer, data journalist and optimizer -- might be brand new to you.

You could have a copywriter and a web content writer, as well as an art director, content manager and a content strategist, and while you could get by with this, you still wouldn’t be plugged into the level of resources you would receive from a content creation company.

The average you would pay for these positions, according to the latest Robert Half/TCG creative and marketing salary guide is eye-opening:

  • Copywriter: $58,250 – $108,000
  • Web Content Writer: $52,800 – $104,000
  • Art Director: $68,750 – $120,000
  • Content Manager: $53,750 – $99,000
  • Content Strategist: $60,750 – $110,250

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that benefits account for 31.7 percent of an employee’s total compensation costs. So, add this to the salary, and you see how the cost skyrockets. Also, don’t forget payroll taxes, office equipment and other resources, like desks and chairs.

This salary scenario slides in at about $550,210 if you take the average. You’re looking at more than a half million-dollar investment to go from zero to 100 with a functional content creation department. Are you ready to utter that number to the accounting department, or better yet the owner of the company?

A top content creation company will cost only a small percentage of this. Plus, you don’t have to worry about searching for people with credentials and experience outside your organization’s area of expertise.

2. You pay for what you get.

No, that’s not a word mangle. It is true that you get what you pay for in terms of quality. When you hire a content creation company, you pay for what you get. Sure, they’ll have packages and bundled services, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

You’ll pay for content -- you won’t pay for the care and feeding of employees, which is a serious investment. You’ll skip the money spent on infrastructure, office space, computers, and K-cup pods for the coffee maker. Creative people are awesome, and everybody should have some on their team -- but the good ones either already work for your competitor, or they work for content creation companies like ContentBacon.

3. You get professional grade content.

Inbound marketing works best when you create content that helps people put your approach to problem-solving into their worldview. You’ve got to establish yourself as a subject matter expert. Hiring a content creation company connects you to professionals who write full-time. They’re comfortable with all aspects of storytelling, and they’ll have the expertise to make sure your content connects with your target audience.

Engagement is the name of the game. Content for inbound marketing is not advertising. It’s possible you could do it yourself with enough time and practice, but it's likely you don’t have the time -- and a content creation company can do it effortlessly without you having to worry about it. You just worry about running your business, and leave the content to the pros.

Content is more than just an article, an infographic or an explainer video -- each piece of content has a specific role in a long-term strategy that pairs it with targeted prospects and crucial points along the buyer’s journey.

Pairing with a content creation company examines the real number of content pieces you need. A single blog post might need a landing page that offers an eBook as a reward for conversion. Or, maybe it’s a video that offers deeper perspective on how to approach finding a solution, which invites prospects to attend a webinar. A content creation company gives you access to this scalable output.

4. You receive a reality check.

A quality content creation company is not going to play a digital version of the Emperor’s New Clothes with you -- there’s a measurable ROI with content marketing.

Many businesses that attempt to create their own content fail at growing their business because they create self-promotional content. That’s not what prospects want.

Content creation companies -- at least those you want to work with -- shouldn’t mirror you. They should act as a translator -- a storyteller -- helping you to connect with multiple types of people at various levels in the buying cycle, who need specific kinds of messages delivered in specific ways. They will connect you, not reflect you.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

It’s difficult and expensive to assemble the team of storytellers, designers, writers, journalists, subject matter experts, editors and animators it takes to do content right. It’s why organizations without this in-house resource turn to experts. More information can be found here if you are interested in learning how storytelling can fuel your inbound marketing efforts and more importantly, results.

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