Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

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Your business needs SEO. Although Google will not publicly reveal exact numbers, it is estimated that there are over 1 BILLION searches performed daily across desktop computers and smart phones. It is also estimated that over 20% of those searches are in regard to a local business. How many of those searches are looking for a product or service related to your business? They will either find you or the competition, so who do you want them spending their money with? We present you with the top 10 reasons your business needs SEO.

1. Branding

Search Engine Optimization will help establish your business and brand online, allowing potential customers and clients to find your website. This helps to create and build your online presence. A professional website that is easy to navigate and provides a good user experience is extremely important as it is the first impression a potential customer or client will receive. The combination of a high quality and user friendly website will result in more leads, phone calls, sales, and ultimately revenue.

2. Traffic

With SEO, your website will receive not only increased traffic, but that traffic will be highly targeted based on relative keywords and search phrases. When developing a search engine marketing plan we research and identify keywords and phrases that are highly searched terms related to your business and location. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your website appear at the top of the search engines for search terms related to your business? Consumers automatically consider the top results as the experts. We can help position your website at the top, driving high quality traffic, which can then be converted into revenue.

3. Sales

Proper SEO will boos your sales, no question about it. Think about it for a moment: if more potential clients found your website do you think that would result in more sales? Of course it would, that is the nature of advertising. Position your business in front of the correct audience and watch sales increase. If more potential customers and clients see your site, it will translate into more sales. With the entire population connected via the Internet, it makes it very important to be founds online. SEO is the most effective way to drive sales and revenue for your business.

4. Cost Reduction

Think about how much money your business spends on other forms of advertising such as Yellow Pages ads and other print advertising. Print is extremely expensive and does not provide a justifiable return in most situations, yet many businesses feel that they need to be there in order to not miss any sales opportunities. That thinking needs to be tossed out the window. Print is dead, and you need to turn your focus to online marketing if you want to leap ahead of the competition. The money you save from outdated print advertising can be used for a SEO campaign that can get your phones ringing off the hook. Are you ready to save money as well as increase your reach? If so, contact us today and let us design a plan that will save you money as well as increase your revenue.

5. Targeting

There is an entire local market waiting to find you, and you can either be found or allow your competition to position their website above you and take the majority of the market share. With Search Engine Optimization we can target specific countries, regions, states, or cities and towns. This allows us to drive pin pointed traffic to your website consisting of individuals that are actively searching for your service or product. With a properly targeted SEO plan we can help put more money in your pockets.

6. Competitiveness

With our SEO service we can help a business outrank a competitor, thus gaining the online market share. Your online presence and the image your business portrays online are crucial. It is the first impression that a potential customer or client will see, and many decide whether they will do business with a business based on their website. Times are changing, and if you are not dominating online then you are not taking full advantage of the capabilities that are available. Are you ready to crush your competition and leave them behind? Stop delaying and take action right now if you want to be the dominating business in your market.

7. Constant Traffic

The great thing about SEO is that it works around the clock for your business. A successful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign will work 24/7, driving interested consumers to your website at all hours of the day. This enables your online presence to be open nonstop. A fully optimized website has the potential to generate sales and leads around the clock for your business. As a business owner can you afford to not have this working for you?

8. ROI (Return On Investment)

There is nothing that comes close to the ROI that SEO can provide to your business. TV and radio advertising is very costly and there is no guarantee that the viewers and listeners are even remotely interested in your product or service. With SEO the visitors are landing on your site after searching for relevant and related keywords and search terms related to your business. What do you think would result in more sales? 1,000 random people seeing your TV commercial or 1,000 people visiting your website because they are actively searching for your product or service? This is what makes online marketing so important. With our service we can help you grow your business and greatly increase your ROI.

9. Authority

If your business is positioned highly in the search engine results it will become an authority resource in the eyes of the consumer. As an example lets assume that you are a dentist located in Miami, Florida, and have not implemented SEO into your marketing. As of right now your website is found on page #12 of Google for the term “Miami dentist.” Now, chances are the consumer searching will never even find your website. Many people rarely even scroll down page #1 to see results, let alone even search beyond the first page. That consumer is going to look at the top results and automatically associate those businesses as the leaders and best choices. If you want to be seen as the number one choice you need to be ranking on page #1. It is as simple as that.

10. Be Found

We just told you that unless you are on page #1 in Google your business would not be found. To change that you need to have an expert SEO service working to improve your website ranking for keywords that will drive visitors to your website. In order for a consumer to spend money at your business they need to be able to find you.

The bottom line is that your business needs the SEO experts at Market Domination Media to help create and implement an online marketing plan to help you completely dominate your market.

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