Super Charge Your Content Marketing With a Limited Budget

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Content marketing involves putting out information that your ideal audience interacts with prior to making a purchase, and when it is done correctly the content will answer their questions or concerns and then push them towards the sale.

Every business is going to require a different content marketing strategy in order to effectively attract their audience and turn them into conversions. Blogs, how-to guides, eBooks, infographics, and videos are all examples of content your business can publish in order to attract your target audience.

Useful content is hands down the most effective way to attract targeted visitors to your website. So, how do most organizations handle their content marketing? Many companies will hire a professional digital agency to handle their entire content creation and distribution effort (we handle several large brands complete content marketing efforts!) but what happens if that is not in the budget and the company is leverage content marketing to help their growth so they get to the point where they can afford to have an agency handle the content marketing? Simple, they do it themselves in-house.

The following four tips can help your company create an effective team of “content aware” employees.

Get your entire “team” on board

It all starts from the top. Simply just telling your employees that content marketing is a vital part of the marketing strategy and expecting them to contribute blog posts and additional content is the wrong approach. The business owners and executive team need to lead by example and contribute. When this is done the rest of the organization will follow. Always lead by example.

Also, instead of just saying that content marketing is important, show your employees WHY it is important. Explain how the process works from start to finish, and make sure that they all understand. As soon as they understand why you are asking them to participate and how their help will benefit the company they will be excited to be a part of “the team” and they will also producer better content when they know the end goal. Share your vision with your employees and they will work alongside you in order to reach it.

Develop a content creation and distribution system

Designate a content manager

You need one individual that will take charge and assign topics and be the go-to person for all content creation questions. You need someone that understands the goal and how to reach it. This person should be responsible for making sure the content is being created on time and that everyone is carrying his or her weight. It really needs to be a team effort.

Develop a plan and schedule

You need a plan to not only create the content, but to distribute it as well. Will you be using blog posts, social media posts, video marketing, infographics, guest posts, or another form of content? You will need to figure out what content works best for your business and what content attracts your target audience.

Focus on creating and distributing content on a regular basis, sticking to a schedule. When you have a schedule in place it is easier to hold all team members accountable. Just “winging” it will lead to inconsistent content and unfavorable results. Start small and build up your content marketing if need be, just make sure you have a plan in place.

Content marketing is something that every business can benefit from, and using the tips above can help any business, even ones with a non-existent marketing budget, take advantage of content marketing.

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