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Stop Ignoring the Yahoo! Bing Network

By | Sunday, January 19, 2014 | 0 comment

The Yahoo! Bing Network is a great resource, and this is an infographic that was created for a story on Search Engine Journal (SEJ) explaining the benefits of utilizing the Yahoo! Bing Network for paid search marketing. It was designed with a very basic and flat feel in order to draw the attention to the stats and help tell the story of why the YBN (Yahoo! Bing Network) is a great choice for pay-per-click marketing. While Google Adwords is a great paid search marketing platform we like to also include the YBN in the PPC campaign. Not only can it be extremely profitable, but it can also help to provide valuable data that can be used to further optimize the Google Adwords campaign.

As you can see from the SEJ (Search Engine Journal) article we were able to get clicks for very competitive financial terms for between 11 and 15 cents. Our client was paying over $15 per click for these same keywords on Google Adwords. Take a look at the infographic and you will see some very interesting facts, and when you step back and really absorb the information you will see that there is a large market share ready to go after on via the YBN. We feel that it is well worth exploring options outside of Google, yet many businesses simply ignore the other options, missing several opportunities to drive a much higher paid search marketing ROI.

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