Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Are The New Rock Stars [Infographic]

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Name one entrepreneur that wasn’t a fan of the hit TV series Entourage. You can’t. The show gave us all a peek into the crazy and wild ride they call Hollywood, and it quickly became a Sunday night ritual for many.

When the wild ride ended, many were left wondering if any network would step up and fill the void left when Entourage ended. Well, HBO hit another home run with their new Silicon Valley show that depicts the startup life and follows a group as they bring their compression software to market.

Are the Silicone Valley entrepreneurs the new rock stars? We thought it would be fun to compare them to the Entourage characters, which we did in the infographic below.

If you haven’t checked out Silicon Valley yet, do it. The first season consists of 8 episodes that you can quickly breeze through on your next layover or plane ride.

Move Over Hollywood, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Are The New Rock Stars

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