Optimize Your Content ‘As If’ You Were Ranking on Top

Optimize Your Content ‘As If’ You Were Ranking on Top

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So many people come to me and say, “I want content that is going to rank on top of the search results, driving traffic to my website and converting those visitors into leads, sales and revenue.”

Sounds great, right?

Top rankings is what everyone wants, but many brands miss one important thing -- they aren’t creating content ‘as if’ they were already ranking on top. What good is a top organic search ranking if your content isn’t going to attract clicks and provide value, which eventually is responsible for converting some of that traffic into revenue for your business?

Ranking low quality content on top might get you some traffic, but that traffic are useless unless it’s being converted. There are three things you need to ask yourself every time you produce a new piece of content.

Are you enticing your prospect to click?

This is where your title and page description come into play. Many people assume that if their content is ranking in the top position they are automatically going to receive the majority of clicks from the search volume. This is far form the truth. In fact, I have helped several businesses increase their website traffic significantly simply by optimizing their titles and descriptions.

The titles are the first thing people are going to be exposed to. It needs to instantly capture their attention. While including the target keyword in the title does benefit the SEO, it's important that you find a way to include it naturally. A title that is just jammed full of the keyword and long tail variations isn't appealing and it looks spammy.

  • What questions does someone have when they enter the target keyword into Google?
  • What can you address in your title that will make someone instantly click on it?
  • How can you make your title stand out from the other results that are above the fold?

A great title that is sitting in the fourth position can easily pull more traffic than the top three listings with spammy or titles that appear to be too generic. The key is to stand out and make that searcher be instantly drawn to your page.

The page description has been written off by many because it doesn't directly impact SEO, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it completely. The page description is another chance to grab the attention of the person performing the search, and convince him or her to click on your content. If you have content ranking on page one it's worth taking a look at all of the listings that are ranking above you. Can you write a better description than them that will draw attention to your content and pull clicks away from the top results?

Most people assume they need to be ranking number one, when traffic numbers can be improved without moving up any positions simply by optimizing the page titles and descriptions. This is something that only takes your time, so it's an extremely budget friendly option to increase your website traffic.

Is your prospect going to like what they see?

Content marketing has evolved tremendously over the years. Before, websites would throw up 500 word articles that were created by software and were barely readable or they outsourced their content creation, which also resulted in poorly written blog posts. The days of posting content that only satisfied the search engines are long over. Now, you need to focus on publishing content that your prospects are going to enjoy and find valuable.

When someone lands on your website and engages with quality content they are going to be more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, complete an offer, make a purchase or at the very least, come back to visit at a future date. With every business on the content bandwagon now, it means that consumers have a lot of choices when it comes time to find content to engage with.

If they land on your website and you don't instantly grab their attention they are going to click the back button and move onto the next available option. The longer you can keep a visitor on your site, the greater the chance of them converting or clicking over to another piece of content. Content that informs and provides value makes the prospect feel like they owe you something.

When you continue to provide them value without asking for anything in return this is when you begin to naturally see conversions occur. When you aren't pushing offers in front of them and you aren't constantly bothering your prospects they become comfortable with your brand. This built up trust makes them come to you, with their wallet open, when they are ready.

Are you providing what your prospect wants?

If you expect your website visitors to pick up the phone and call your business, complete your offers, continue to engage and eventually convert into revenue, you need to provide them with what they want.

I'll use this blog as an example.

The majority of visitors are either small business owners that are looking for online marketing advice or they are in-house marketing professionals that are looking for information to use. I understand that not all small business owners and brands can afford my consulting retainers and SEO coaching programs, but that doesn't result in a lack of content quality or gating the content.

There are some blogs that will put out subpar content and assume they will still generate leads. That's a horrible approach. I have had consulting clients sign up several months after signing up for my VIP newsletter. They engaged with dozens of emails and blog posts. The value I provided them eventually converted them, naturally. I didn't have to annoy them with high pressure sales. They consumed enough value and then decided it was time to hire me.

Don't be afraid of giving too much value for free. There is no such thing as too much. Continue to give and you will eventually delight enough people that they begin to convert.

If you have anything to add to this, please head down to the comments section below.

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