Mobile Landing Page Must-Do’s to Convert Traffic

Mobile Landing Page Must-Do’s to Convert Traffic

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Mobile traffic numbers continue to increase year after year and search engines, such as Google, now have mobile-friendly algorithms. This would lead you to believe that taking steps to ensure your mobile traffic converts would be important, right? As shocking as it may sound, many businesses still aren’t taking the necessary steps to ensure their websites are set up to convert their mobile traffic.

There is absolutely no valid reason to not have a mobile-friendly website these days. If you still don’t have a responsive website then you need to contact us immediately to do a redesign and revamp. If you are working with a mobile-friendly website you need to make sure your pages are optimized to convert your traffic. Here are five mobile landing page must-do’s.

Mobile Landing Page Must-Do’s to Convert Traffic

Ensure You Have Your Page Load Time Optimized

Your website should load fast on any device, from laptops and desktops to mobile and tablet devices. Someone that performs a search on a mobile device wants quick answers. If your page is taking long to load they will quickly hit the back button and find another option. Your pages should load in less than two seconds.

A couple of good resources for checking your website load time include GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Each tool will analyze your load time and give you a score. You will also be provided with a list of things you need to fix, that will help improve the speed of your website. If you lack the technical know-how to make the suggested changes have your web developer look into the reports. A fast loading website provides an SEO benefit, but the user experience benefit is just as important.

Have a Single Call-to-Action

Every mobile landing page should feature a single call-to-action. You want your traffic to focus on one thing, and not be distracted by multiple options. Your call-to-action could be a lead form, a path to completing a purchase or even just your business phone number.

Phone numbers convert very well since the user already has his or her phone in hand while visiting your website. A simple click on the number will immediately connect them with your business. Don’t assume that you have to have a form submit offer, as a phone number in some situations will

Use Large Font

The last thing you want to do is require your visitors to have to use their fingers to enlarge your page to read the content. Use a large enough font so all of your page content is easy to read without having to zoom in. Part of a good mobile experience is being able to read and interact with the website without having to zoom in and out or manipulate the screen.

Follow the “1 Finger” Rule

Everything on your mobile landing page should be accessible via one finger. Call-to-action buttons, form submit fields as well as the submit button should all be “one finger” tasks. If a visitor has to use two fingers in order to manipulate the screen size in order to fill out forms or access offers you are going to experience a low conversion rate.

Mobile landing pages that don’t pass the one finger test are the biggest cause of cart and offer abandonment on mobile devices. Mobile visitors are in a rush. They want answers quickly and if your offer is enticing enough they will complete it, but only if it’s easily accessible without jumping through hoops. Audit your mobile landing pages and make sure they all pass the one finger test.

Use Bullet Points & Avoid Paragraphs

When someone hits your landing page on a mobile device they don’t want to read through paragraphs of content. They want to be able to quickly skim the page and determine whether or not they are going to complete your offer and convert.

Avoid writing long paragraphs of content on mobile landing pages. Focus on using bullet points to highlights the key selling points of your offer. What is it? Why should the visitor take action? What are the benefits? Trigger emotions with bullet points, as you have little time to convince mobile traffic to convert. There are far too many additional distractions you are going up against, such as emails, text messages and phone calls interrupting the browser session.

Following the above suggestions will help you convert more of your mobile traffic. It’s important that you make the mobile experience pleasant. If your offers are difficult to comprehend and complete you will see a lot of visitors abandon your website and seek out other options.

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