What Makes People Leave Your Website [Infographic]

What Makes People Leave Your Website [Infographic]

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So, what makes people leave your website? A large percentage of your traffic will leave before they convert. There are ways to convert exit traffic, but wouldn’t you like to know what the main causes are that trigger your visitors to leave? You spend a lot of time and money on attracting quality targeted traffic so take a minute to learn what causes that traffic to leave your website.

You not only want your visitors to stick around on the page they land on, but you also want them to venture to other pages, engage in your content and eventually convert into a lead or sale. The infographic from KISSmetrics below details what the major causes are that lead to website abandonment.

What is responsible to making people leave your website?

Bad Navigation: Your website visitors will become extremely frustrated if they find your site is difficult to navigate. If they feel helpless, confused or even angry expect them to leave almost immediately. You want to make your navigation experience simple and inviting, not difficult.

Littered With Advertisements: Littering your content with advertisements is one way to push traffic away quickly. If someone lands on your website and the first thing they notice is the ads they will automatically associate your brand with ads and not value your content.

Poor Content Structure: If your content isn’t easily found it will crush your conversion rates. If someone can’t quickly identify your content and value how do you expect them to convert? Also, make sure that your contact information is easily accessible from every page on your website. This includes your phone number, address and a contact form.

Auto-Loading Video & Audio: There is nothing wrong with having videos or audio on your pages, but don’t set them to auto-play. If someone wants to engage with that content they will. Give them the option.

Content Blocking: If you force your visitors to join your email list or engage with your social media profiles in order to unlock or access content the majority will leave. Forced-registration is frowned upon and will cause your visitors to get their information from a competing source.

Low Quality Design & Content: A boring website design doesn’t make your brand memorable. Boring content doesn’t make a positive impression. So, low quality will push visitors away and they won’t return.

Poor Legibility: Bad font choices, abrasive colors and poor grammar all result in poor legibility. This directly impacts the user experience. Again, if your visitors have a poor user experience they are going to leave quickly and never return.

Lack of Freshness: You have to constantly update your website with new content. If a visitor returns to your site a week after their last visit are they going to come into contact with new fresh content to engage with? Keep it fresh with a regular update schedule and stick to it.

What Makes People Leave Your Website [Infographic]

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