Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With PPC Call-Only Ads

Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With PPC Call-Only Ads

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Are you using PPC call-only ads yet? If you are running a pay per click campaign you are most likely sending your traffic to a landing page where you hope the traffic converts into a direct sale or enters your conversion funnel and over time turns into revenue for your business. If you aren’t focused on driving phone conversions through PPC then you are missing out. When it comes to sales, the phone is your most powerful tool.

Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook With PPC Call-Only Ads

With the percentage of mobile traffic growing and showing no sign of slowing down the phone becomes an even more effective sales tool. When someone is actively seeking the products or services that your business provides and comes in contact with your PPC ad on their phone wouldn’t you like to increase the odds of converting that individual by getting them on the phone instantly? No landing page. No conversion funnel.

Google recently introduced two major changes that indicate just how important mobile traffic is. First, they recently introduced the pay per click call-only campaign, which allows you to create PPC ads that only allow the consumer to call your business. There isn’t an option to visit your website. You are only charged when the individual clicks on the call button. Second, they revealed their mobile-friendly algorithm, which favors websites that provide a pleasant mobile viewing experience.

So, why should your business think mobile and drive phone calls with call-only ads?

1. Phone calls convert higher than online leads.

For most online lead generation campaigns the phone call is the end goal of the conversion funnel. The prospect submits a form and then receives a series of emails to push them back to the website and engage with more content and then eventually it is hoped that they will pick up the phone and call the business.

Only a small percentage of your traffic is going to fill out the form and even a smaller percentage of that traffic will ever call your business. Using a call-only campaign you are eliminating the entire conversion funnel and every click you are paying for will essentially jump to the end of the line and call your business. You aren’t paying for a click and hoping that they fill out a form and then eventually call. You are only paying for phone calls your business receives. You should see your closing rates increase dramatically using this strategy.

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2. Calling is easier for your target customer than filling out forms.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target customer. Is it easier to click a single button and connect to your business or fill out forms? Even if they are ready to make a purchase immediately they have to fill out a form and wait for a sales rep to call them back. During this waiting period they might find another option and purchase from someone else.

When they can easily call your business and connect to someone who can answer their questions right away it will result in more sales. There is not time to think about it while they wait for a call back.

3. Provides an opportunity for fast growth.

Direct phone sales create instant revenue. You aren’t counting on a sales team to call your old barely warm leads and convert them. You have the prospect on the phone the moment they show interest in your products or service. There is no better window of opportunity to convert them. You will experience your highest conversion percentage using call-only PPC ads.

With traditional PPC ads you will convert less of that traffic into sales and it might take days, weeks or even months for some of the leads to eventually convert. With call-only ads most businesses will see their cash flow increase significantly. This allows you to grow your business at a much more aggressive rate.

How to Properly Optimize Your PPC Campaign For Call-Only

There are some things you are going to have to focus on when you create your call-only campaign.

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Use call tracking local numbers.

Using call tracking will allow you to see what ads are converting better, as you can assign a different number to every ad. This also allows you to use local numbers and route them to your toll free number. This keeps your regular phone flow the same but the prospect sees a local number and in most situations a local number will convert much better than a toll free number.

Remove automated menus and options.

When using call-only PPC ads you want the consumer to be connected to a live human ASAP. If you send them to an automated menu with several choices you will lose a percentage of those calls. Have them connected to someone at your company right away and completely eliminate the menu options.

Increase you phone team.

If you need to hire more seats for your phone center do it. You don’t want to miss calls and you don’t want your prospects to be held in a call queue. Just like a regular PPC campaign, a call-only segment can be scaled. As you train and add more phone reps you can increase your call volume.

Use smart ad scheduling.

When do you want phone calls to come pouring in? During your business hours or when nobody is in the office to field the calls? Make sure that you schedule your ads to run only when you have a full staff ready to handle the call volume. There is absolutely no sense in running ads when your office is closed. Traditional PPC ads can run around the clock if you have the budget (and return) to support it, but call-only ads should only run when your business is open.

Call-only PPC ads can be a very effective addition to your PPC campaign. Make sure to constantly monitor call quality and adjust your ad copy accordingly. Just like traditional ads, this campaign type requires constant monitoring and optimization to be successful.

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