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Is Mobile Marketing Dead? Here’s What You Need to Know

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When you dig deep into marketing methods, the majority of information has to do with email and social media marketing (SMM). With the appearance of SMM, many older marketing methods seem to be leaving the picture. Is mobile marketing one of them?

Even though some people believe that mobile marketing is slowly dying, others take full advantage of this channel. People read information, send emails, and make purchases using their mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

To understand the importance of mobile marketing, we should explore the recent statistics. Did you know that 80 percent of internet users have a smartphone? This means your potential audience is highly likely to be out there waiting for your mobile advertising efforts.

According to an AdWeek survey, there was an 88 percent growth over the past year in the time spent watching videos on a smartphone.

About 79 percent of users rely on SMS to help them make decisions while shopping. Isn’t being a pocket consultant for your target audience priceless? How can mobile marketing even consider dying with such awesome opportunities for conversions?

Mobile Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Let’s look at a few areas in which mobile and social media marketing compete.


Social media allows you to become visible for your target audience. However, ensuring that your target audience sees your Twitter and Facebook posts is rather hard. They can easily get lost in the sea of other information.

However, a text message sent to the smartphone is an excellent way to reach just the person you want and ensure their attention. SMS-based marketing efforts provide better visibility.

It’s important to note that such targeted marketing is only possible if you have valid contact information for your target audience. Phone number validators such as Byteplant are becoming more and more popular as the new mobile marketing trends appear.


Sending text messages to clients is nice, but some of them can opt out of such communication because it may seem annoying. While they can delete your message on the smartphone, potential customers could block your account on Facebook or Instagram entirely.

People are much more likely to blacklist you on social media than they are to bother with blacklisting your phone number. When it comes to text messages, they may save them for later viewing.

Since a large number of the world’s population is carrying a smartphone in their pocket, marketers have a priceless opportunity to reach them anytime and anywhere.


Text messages and social media posts can be sent and received quickly and easily. However, with the same amount of effort, text messages provide better and more direct contact.

Meanwhile, obtaining direct phone numbers may be slightly more complicated than finding your potential audience on social media. But once you have a phone number list, the opportunities for marketing can be endless.

To take full advantage of mobile marketing, you need to stay up to date with the latest trends.

AI is Taking Over

Artificial intelligence is becoming a widely used tool in mobile marketing. According to Salesforce’s marketing report, the use of AI among marketing teams is likely to grow by 50 percent in the next two years.

In 2019, AI is optimizing images in ads to be contextual. It’s an integral part of mobile advertising efforts for many companies. The program understands what the customer is looking for and creates images to assist with the user experience.

Influencer Marketing is Gaining Momentum

This year, mobile marketing specialists are taking full advantage of influencer marketing channels. In 2018, influencer advertising showed impressive results. It’s an extremely effective way to approach the target audience.

This type of promotional effort is especially efficient for the gamers’ niche. Meanwhile, the streaming video platform Twitch is gaining popularity. This year, its full potential has finally been discovered by the marketing specialists.

Video Advertising is Taking Hold

The more time smartphone users spend watching video content on their smartphones, the more active mobile marketers are becoming. Advertising departments are expecting to spend $20 billion on mobile video marketing next year.

Video ads are becoming more and more popular due to their impressive ability to get to the point without taking up too much time. People react to video content quicker than they do to text messages, especially when they are on the go.

The challenge video marketers are facing is the video size. However, as the ads get shorter so do the videos. Lightweight videos are easy to integrate in company apps and send over messengers.

Voice Searches are Changing the Approach

Mobile marketing had to change its approach with the appearance of voice search options. Some marketers believe that by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be done by voice. Voice search is one of the latest mobile marketing trends, which is gaining momentum faster than light.

The popularity of this method is rising due to its high convenience and timesaving properties. Marketers are digging deeper into UI platforms, such as Alexa, Siri, and Bixby, creating new conversion opportunities.

The strive to make user experience easier has helped marketers exceed in their promotional efforts. Allowing potential buyers to get what they want with one click is not as important anymore. Marketers allow them to do it with one word.

Messenger Ads are Rising in Popularity

Billions of mobile phone users are taking advantage of messaging apps, and their number is growing. Advertisers are experimenting with targeting such applications and trying to reach the audience over them.

This completely new approach to mobile marketing requires substantial creativity and time. The massive audience waiting for marketing specialists on messenger apps is highly appealing. While the possibility of segmenting the audience is still being worked out, the opportunity is priceless.

Final Thoughts

Mobile media marketing is just as popular as it used to be due to its ability to reach the target audience directly. With more and more people using their smartphones for a wide variety of activities, such advertising approach is unlikely to disappear any time soon. If you get access to this channel, you are bound to get high conversions.

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