Why Infographics Should be Part of Your Content Marketing

Why Infographics Should be Part of Your Content Marketing

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There is a tremendous amount of visual content produced every single minute. To get an idea of just how much visual content we are talking about take a look at this infographic. The statistics will blow your mind. With so much visual content produced every single day it really takes a well thought out piece of content to stand out and benefit your content marketing strategy.

Infographics have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but with so much competition these days it takes a very compelling topic and design to create traction, leading to earned links, referral traffic and ultimately online conversions for your business. So, why should you consider infographic marketing? Take a look at these six reasons why your content marketing plan should include the use of infographics.

Why Infographics Should be Part of Your Content Marketing

1. Your target market absorbs visual information better

Your average consumer is going to remember 20% of what he or she reads, but when it is presented visually they retain 80%. This is a huge difference and one of the main reasons visual content, such as infographics, have become so popular. They are popular simply because they work. They command attention and allow the advertiser to present information in a way that allows their target audience to absorb (and remember) the information.

Think about your own content reading habits. Are you more likely to stop and read a huge text-based blog post or an infographic? An infographic is more fun, and the average consumer is going to stop and engage with an infographic over a text post every time.

2. Easy to digest the concept with a quick scan

Did you know that the average person doesn’t fully read blog posts? They skim through them, which is why formatting is so important. You need to use H1 and H2 tags to really break up your content and highlight each section. This allows people to take in your message even if they just quickly skim through your blog post.

Infographics allow you to deliver a complex message in a visual manner, which is also easy to skim through, while still understanding the message. While visual content does command a higher engagement rate than a text post, there are still going to be website visitors that just skim through it. With a good layout and key points highlighted correctly you can still deliver a solid message, even to those that browse quickly.

3. Infographics receive a lot of social shares

Take a look at some of the larger websites that like to publish infographics and compare the social shares that an infographic post receives compared to a standard blog post. They will almost always have the most social shares and this is because consumers simply love them. People like to share stuff on social media that they think their following will appreciate. Nobody wants to share information that will be received as boring or not informative.

With so many businesses turning to infographics it becomes very important that you focus on creating one with a very unique topic. Infographics tied to current events will tend to receive the fastest social media traction these days. Evergreen infographics still get love too, and it isn’t uncommon to see infographics from 2011 and 2012 still being shared on social media.

4. Easily shareable and republished

You can make it very easy for other websites to share your infographic and republish it on their website by including share code at the bottom of your blog post. Websites are always looking for great content to share with their readers and infographics command attention, therefore making them highly desirable. If you include html code, make sure that you include a link back to your website, as it allows you to fully benefit from the success of your infographics.

If an infographic you create goes viral your SEO will benefit greatly from the natural links it will help your website earn. Your infographics will typically be republished on industry related websites. This creates relevant links as well as relevant referral traffic. A clever infographic can continue to drive referral traffic back to your website, even several years after you create it. Infographics are an excellent long-term ROI strategy.

example infographic share code

5. Ability to provide your business with worldwide coverage

Imagine what it would cost you to put together a worldwide marketing effort? If you wanted to touch every corner of the world via print advertising you would need a small fortune. A kick ass infographic has the ability to attract attention from all parts of the world. Content marketing is truly a powerful platform.

You could launch a PPC campaign that targets a worldwide audience but you have to pay for every single click/visitor. For some businesses this is a great strategy and they are able to convert a high percentage of their paid traffic, but what if you could also pull in targeted traffic around the clock through a piece of content that will continue to deliver traffic month after month? We encounter some businesses that have tried infographic marketing and felt that it wasn’t beneficial. This is typically due to a poor concept and a low quality design. You aren’t going to build up any momentum using templates and stale designs. It takes money to make money, and an infographic is an investment that you have to be willing to make if you want to reap the reward.

6. Great for building brand awareness

While earning links via infographic marketing is appealing, they are not the only benefit, as the branding you can accomplish through infographics is equally as powerful. You always want to brand your infographic with your company name, logo and website address. The amount of people that view infographics provides you with an excellent branding opportunity.

Major brands are constantly publishing infographics and distributing them throughout the web because they feel the branding they receive far outweighs the cost. Every time your infographic is shared on social media or republished on a website it is introduced to a new audience that might not have known your brand existed in the past.

Content marketing delivers measurable online marketing results and infographics are one way to really get your brand out there, earn quality links and attract targeted traffic. Make sure to contact us if you would like to learn more about our infographic design service, which includes the full content research as well as design. We can also help with the promotion of your infographic, targeting the most valuable media outlets in your industry.

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