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Increase Your Email Subscribers Using These 5 Tips

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Email is such a powerful marketing tool, which is why as a business owner you would love to increase your email subscribers. The larger your list, the more potential prospects you can strategically market to, eventually converting them into customers.

Quality is the name of the game, and when you send well thought out campaigns to permission based targeted email lists the results can be amazing. It all starts with building a very targeted list of subscribers. Here are five tips to help you increase the number of email addresses you collect on your website.

Increase Your Email Subscribers Using These 6 Tips

1. Provide Great Content

If your website isn’t filled with great content what incentive does a visitor have to hand over his or her email address? You need to dazzle them with your site content so they want to receive more information from you. If you content is weak why are they going to want to receive email updates from your business?

You have to make sure your website content provides enough value that is triggers an opt-in and then you need to continue to provide high quality content via email to keep your subscribers engaged. If they feel being on your list isn’t providing any value they will quickly unsubscribe.

2. Use a Clear Opt-In Message

Nobody is going to join your email list unless they know, without a doubt, what they are signing up for. Far too many websites will use generic messages on their opt-in forms and wonder why nobody is signing up. A generic “Subscribe to our list” message isn’t going to attract any subscribers because they have no idea what they are going to receive by submitting their email.

You have to paint a very clear picture if you want to trigger an opt-in. If you look at our popup that fires when a user is leaving our website you see that the message is very clear. The visitor knows that if they submit their email address they are going to receive weekly tips to help them grow their business online. After they confirm they are then told that our newsletter is sent out every Wednesday afternoon. The message is clear and they know exactly what they are receiving by opting in.

exit intent popup

3. Include Multiple Opt-In Forms

If you look at our website we have an opt-in form in our sidebar, in our footer, at the end of every blog post and then we also utilize an exit intent popup. This gives every visitor multiple options to subscribe to our list. They don’t have to go looking for it, as they will see it no matter where they navigate on our website or how far they scroll down.

A common mistake people make is including just a single opt-in form. There is no way every single website visitor is going to see it if you just have it in one location. To maximize your opt-ins make sure it is featured in multiple locations throughout your website. If every person comes into contact with one of your opt-in forms it will greatly increase the overall number of email subscribers you are able to pull in.

4. Less Form Fields = More Subscribers

The less information your visitor is required to provide, the more people you will get to opt-in to your email list. Most businesses can get away with asking for a name and email, and if necessary, a phone number. Anything more than that can be collected at a later time, after the first interaction.

A form that asks for personal information or has too many fields to complete is going to crush your conversion rates. Naturally, forms that only require an email address are typically the best performing. Experiment with different form lengths and see what ones your visitors aren’t afraid to complete.

5. Promote Your List on Social Media

Far too many businesses forget to market their email list on social media. This is the easiest way to gain instant email subscribers. Simply make frequent posts reminding your followers that you have an email list that they can subscribe to and list the benefits. This is also a great way to drive more social traffic to your website, as they have to visit your site to opt-in to your list.

Following the tips above will help you attract more quality opt-in email subscribers that you can market your products or service to. Remember that testing is going to be your best friend while building your email lists. You need to always be split testing different form elements and locations. Continue to try new things and watch your list grow.

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