How to Increase Your Visual Content Engagement [Infographic]

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Visual content can be extremely engaging when done correctly. The trouble is that many business owners set out to create visual content and it doesn’t perform as expected. You can’t just throw up an infographic and expect social shares to magically happen. You need to create a piece of visual content that tells your story and really sucks the reader in.

In an effort to visually explain what steps are required to publish a piece of visual content that really engages your audience we teamed up with our friends over at HubSpot to create this infographic.

There are three keys to strong visual content:

  1. Consistent Color Range
  2. Fonts That Match Your Message
  3. Use of Social Media Templates

The 5-Step Process of Creating Awesome Visual Content:

  1. Identify an Awesome Topic
  2. Select the Best Content Type
  3. Create an Attractive & Effective Design
  4. Identify Potential Content Promoters
  5. Create a Promotional Strategy

We hope that you enjoy this and it provides some great insight that you can put to good use when it comes time to create your next piece of visual content. If you would like to learn more about our infographic design service contact us now and we would be happy to discuss how we can create an awesome piece of visual content for your brand.

How to Increase Your Visual Content Engagement

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