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How to Research, Design, and Advertise Your Infographics

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Why are infographics so effective?

Well, it's common knowledge that visual content will outperform traditional written blog content most of the time because we are all visual creatures by nature. Infographics are a great branding tool that can be used to convey a brand message, attract website traffic and earn links and mentions for SEO purposes.

Understanding how and what to research, what design layout to choose and how to advertise your infographics can be quite intimidating.

Also, what if your business lacks the budget to hire an expert marketing agency to design the perfect infographic?

Even if you lack design experience or a budget, there is still a way that your business can experience the rewards of a successful infographic. Venngage, a free infographic software, has put together the infographic below to highlight the steps needed, from concept to promoting, in order to run a successful infographic marketing campaign.

How to Research, Design, and Advertise Your Infographics

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Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long is the founder of Uber Brands, a brand development agency located in Miami, focused on building e-commerce brands in the health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty industries.

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