How to Quickly Attract Your First 1000 Facebook Fans

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While every business sets up a Facebook page these days, simply creating one isn't going to result in fans liking your page without some effort from your end. Tens of millions of local businesses have Facebook pages, so what is going to make someone like your page over the other options out there?

When you first set up your Facebook business page you will enter in all of your contact information, business hours, images and a link back to your website. Then you will make your first post. Then what?

You need potential customers to visit your page, like it, read your posts, get familiar with your company and then either visit your physical location or click over to your website and engage with your website content.

How do you get people to become engaging Facebook fans?

The infographic below from QuickSprout outlines what businesses can do to gain traction on Facebook and attract visitors that turn into fans (and then even customers). Use this guide to help secure your first 1,000 Facebook fans and then continue to use the information to scale the growth of your Facebook reach.

How to Quickly Attract Your First 1000 Facebook Fans

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Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long is the founder of Uber Brands, a brand development agency located in Miami, focused on building e-commerce brands in the health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty industries.

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