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How to Leverage Social Media Effectively for Your Business [Infographic]

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Social media is more than just online platforms for socializing -- it is where people cultivate their opinions -- mostly influenced by other individuals, brands and communities that align to their already existing ideology on the very same platform. The more influence a brand or individual has, the more appeal they have when promoting an idea or a product.

When it comes to marketing, social media is an effective tool that connects multiple aspects of the business -- from logistics to customer satisfaction. An interesting fact about social media is the number of insights you can collect from the platforms through extensive research, pattern study and applying hypothesis. These statistics answer many questions about your target audience:

  • What social media platform does your audience prefer?
  • What is their tone of voice?
  • What is their average age and gender?

In the infographic below, ShareKit has managed to pinpoint some statistics that help businesses identify data points that help apply better marketing and content strategies to cater to their target audience.

It includes crucial stats that include the behavioral pattern and preferences of the audience based on their age and gender. Take a few minutes to read through the data -- it can help your business find success on social media.

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