How to Improve Your SEO Using Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

How to Improve Your SEO Using Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your SEO using something that most businesses already have? If you are currently running a pay-per-click campaign in addition to doing search engine optimization then you have a wealth of data just waiting to be utilized. In order to really dominate the search engine real estate you need a presence in the organic results as well as the paid results.

There are many ways that your PPC data can benefit your SEO efforts, and because paid search offers almost-immediate results, the data can be used to test and pave the path for your organic search efforts. Think of PPC as your testing ground, to make sure your SEO strategy will be effective.

How to Improve Your SEO Using Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Here are three ways that you can use PPC to help create an overall better SEO strategy.

1. Keyword Testing

PPC as well as search engine optimization both require using keywords, and pay-per-click is a great way to test keywords before targeting them in your SEO campaign. Organic results take a lot of time, effort and money so wouldn’t you like to be confident that the keywords you are working on to rank organically for are going to convert?

You can set up a PPC campaign and start to drive traffic right away, so test all of your potential keywords with paid search first. This will allow you to gather all of your data and sort your keywords according to their conversion rates as well as difficulty. This will help you plan out an SEO strategy that is going to lead to the quickest organic converting traffic. For example, if you notice that a low competition keyword is converting at a high rate, ranking for that term first is going to end up bringing some revenue in while you work on the more difficult terms.

This is also a great way to eliminate keywords from your SEO campaign that you thought would be winners. The data doesn’t lie, so if a keyword isn’t converting in paid search then there is a very good chance that it won’t perform well in organic search as well.

While it will cost you money to test everything through PPC in the beginning, the long-term savings in terms of time and money is well worth it.

2. Title & Description Testing

Your PPC copy can also provide excellent data to use for your titles and descriptions for the pages you are attempting to rank organically. While there are less characters allowed in PPC ads than in meta descriptions, you can still test several possibilities to get an idea of what titles and descriptions are going to pull the higher click-through rates.

If you look at the image below you will see the search results for an ultra competitive keyword “health insurance quotes.” If you look at just the first organic result you will see that they use the word “compare” in their description. Now, look at all of the paid ads and you will see that several of them use that same word in their copy. This is obviously a very good actionable term that draws in clicks.

use ppc to test seo strategy

3. Landing Page & Content Testing

Imagine if you worked very hard and spent a lot of money to rank some great keywords organically and the traffic begins to pour in. This would be excellent, right? Well, imagine if that traffic was all leaving your website without converting into leads or sales.

It is important that you make sure your landing pages and the content you are going to be sending organic traffic to will convert. The easiest way to test this is to fire some PPC traffic at the pages and then continue to adjust and optimize until it is converting at the desired rate.

If people are converting on your pages through paid clicks they are going to convert at a very similar rate organically as well. After all, it is the same traffic source. You are able to test your pages almost instantly this way, rather than waiting for your keywords to rank and hoping that traffic will convert. If you do it right, and build out a PPC campaign that converts well you will generate revenue for your business and have another channel that you can run alongside your SEO campaign to amplify your online reach in the search engines.

This is a strategy that should be used by all businesses, from Fortune 500 companies with deep advertising budgets to small businesses operating on small marketing budgets. The data collected this way will help you run a much more successful SEO campaign.

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