How to Check if Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

How to Check if Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

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How to Check if Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Google is rolling out a new algorithm update on April 21st that will potentially impact your business. This is a massive update that is going to be larger than the Penguin update that affected 4% of global searches and the Panda update that affected almost 12% of English searches. You might have heard that mobile search is important, while now it is absolutely essential.

The new Google algorithm will now use a mobile-friendly ranking signal, so if your website isn’t responsive and mobile optimized your rankings are going to suffer. Any business that isn’t mobile-friendly is asking for trouble.

Why is Google Releasing a Mobile-Friendly Algorithm?

Have you ever landed on a website that wasn’t mobile-friendly? It was a complete nightmare to navigate, right? You had to zoom in with your fingers and move the screen around to access the content you wanted to look at, right? Did you have trouble clicking on the little tiny links as well? If you are like most people you probably left that website fast and didn’t return. Providing a horrible user experience is one way to guarantee a visitor will not convert or return at a later date.

Google wants to provide their users with the best possible experience. They want the search results to be relevant and high quality and they want the websites that they provide in the results to offer a pleasant user experience. Users shouldn’t have to zoom in and out to access content. There is no reason to make navigation menus and links near impossible to click.

We knew the mobile update was coming once Google started to recognize mobile-friendly websites with a special designation in the mobile search results. Now, that notation will actually mean something when the new algorithm is released, rewarding those businesses that do have mobile websites and penalizing those that are not mobile-friendly.

Google mobile-friendly example

Tool to Check Mobile-Friendliness

If you aren’t sure if your website is truly mobile-friendly then use the following free tool to determine whether or not you need to make changes in order to avoid a possible penalty.

Google’s Official Mobile-Friendly Test

Google mobile-friendly test

Since Google is releasing the update wouldn’t it be a good idea to test your website using their official mobile-friendly test? Run your URL through this test and you will instantly see whether or not Google declares your website to be mobile-friendly or not. If you get a green pass then you have nothing to fear. You should also search for your website on a mobile device using Google’s search engine and make sure that there is a “Mobile-friendly” notation next to your site like in the example we showed you above.

If your website does not pass the test there will be a list of reasons given, which can include:

  • Text is too small to read without zooming in
  • Content requires the reader to move the screen around in order to read
  • Links are spaced too close together

One of the best remedies is to convert your website to a responsive design. This ensures that your website will provide a great user experience on all devices and screen sizes.

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Failing to adapt to this change could have a significant negative impact on your business.

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