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How to Boost Your SEO with Shopify Store Localization

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One of the fastest growing industries in the world today is also the one that is creating the most successful entrepreneurs. This industry is e-commerce or online retailing. Everyone knows the giants, that include Amazon, Alibaba and ebay, but there are literally millions of other smaller e-commerce sites that collectively generate billions of dollars every year. These companies are located all over the world and together provide nearly every product for sale today.

The majority of these sites are small companies, run by a few employees who have become experts in positioning their products with online shoppers, who are ready with credit cards or PayPal accounts, and looking for selection, convenience, and usually low prices.

Setting up an online retail store used to be very complicated and required lots of money and time. An entrepreneur would have to source products, set up supply chains, provide shipping and handle returns, and offer a complete customer service department. Additionally a retailer would have to figure out how to attract online shoppers to their site. This entire process would often overwhelm retailers and price them out of the business.

Shopify Makes Setting Up and Managing an Online Retail Store Easy

Today however, there are services like Shopify, that handle most of the work for online retailers and as a result, millions of new e-commerce entrepreneurs have emerged. Companies like Shopify are online facilitators that assist online retailers with everything from locating and presenting their product offerings, to shipping, and payments.

They also hand hold retailers in setting up and running their online stores, by providing experts and a range of other resources to retailers 24/7. Shopify makes things very easy for even the most unskilled online retailers, and positions them to focus on only a few key elements of online success. Shopify has been a big part of the growth of online retailing.

So to recap, Shopify is a service that helps you to easily setup and operate an online store, and then to market it to potential customers.

With its wide range of important elements for creating an online business, it is no wonder the company has become the preferred choice for millions of online e-commerce business owners.

Some Key Features Shopify Provides Online Retailers:

Digital Storefront

Create from a large variety of themes and apps, all fully customizable to create the perfect environment to sell your products. The site is presented under your own domain name and is mobile ready with a complete blogging component. You can use a Shopify expert to help you build the site if needed. Once you are satisfied with your storefront Shopify offers a complete shopping cart and checkout section with a free SSL certificate. Finally, Shopify has web hosting with unlimited bandwidth.


You can have an unlimited amount of products on your storefront. You can choose to offer one category of products or a wide range in dozens of product categories. And the best thing is that everything is managed professionally using Shopify’s tools. There is inventory management so you can clearly see and position your products. You can even sell digital products.


You get a dashboard that keeps you up to date on your sales, orders, and traffic The company supplies you with up to the minute data on everything that is going on with your online business and provides insights on what you need to do to improve sales and customer service. These analytics help you make better decisions on every aspect of your business up to the minute.

Mobile App

Customers can use the app to browse their store, place orders, and have products shipped to them right from their phones. There is also a mobile dashboard which gives a complete set of data that helps retailers to beat the competition and serve their customers better.

24/7 Support

Shopify provides a dedicated support team available by email, live chat, and phone 24/7. The Shopify Help Center has answers to commonly asked questions, and provides user guides and tutorials covering every important topic. Shopify experts can guide you through any issues and offer suggestions. You can talk with other Shopify online retailers on the discussion forums. And the E-Commerce University provides training about selling online, insight from other successful Shopify retailers, and access to ebooks, video series, webinars, and more.

Localizing Your E-Commerce Business and Boosting Your Local SEO

Most people who are looking to set up an eCommerce business, are excited about building a global online company. Their dream is to have a long list of international customers and to be able to serve all of them seamlessly as if their business is local. In order to do this however, and attract customers around the world, you need localization of your Shopify storefront.

This means the ability for your shop to be seen in the local language of whoever is shopping with you, and for local SEO to pick up your storefront everywhere. Using an add-on that does Shopify Store translation can solve this problem and make your shop truly global. The result will be a fully translated storefront that is more attractive to locals, and your website becoming very SEO friendly everywhere you want customers.

Become an International Online Retail Powerhouse

If your goal is to sell successfully internationally, you should use the add-on to assist you with automatic language translation and great Local SEO for your site. This approach gives you access to the greatest amount of customers and the best position for your storefront on search engines.

Shopify is a Complete Resource for Online Retailers

Shopify is the complete service for setting up and managing a full featured e-commerce business. Millions of satisfied retailers in countries around the world use their services to generate billions of dollars in online sales each year. If you are interested in building a successful online business that is international and a leader, consider Shopify.

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