How to Attract User Generated Blog Content

How to Attract User Generated Blog Content

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Your business needs to have a blog. It’s something you have undoubtedly heard over and over. While it sounds simple, not every business has the time to produce content on a daily or even weekly basis, nor do they have a budget that allows a full-time content writer or agency.

Publishing fresh content not only gives your website visitors something new to engage with every time they return, but it also helps your website pull in traffic from the organic search results. One way to ensure that you always have new content is to allow guest authors on your blog. You provide them with a platform to be seen and heard, and they provide you with fresh content. It’s really a win/win situation when done correctly. While we do not allow guest contributors on this blog, we do allow them on the blog for our online community for entrepreneurs and business owners. Here are a few key factors to consider when attracting contributors for your blog.

How to Attract User Generated Blog Content

1. Make Your Offer Visible

You aren’t going to attract contributors if they don’t know your blog is offering the opportunity. Make sure you create a dedicated “Write For Us” page that has all of the information about your offer and an easy way for someone to apply. You can view blerrp's “Write For Us” page here. As you can see, all of the information is laid out and there is a simple form to complete to apply to be a contributor.

On that page there is also a link to the content guideline page. This explains what is expected from every contributor and every submission. This sets the expectations and will prevent some unqualified people from applying.

2. Provide Your Contributors Exposure

The whole point of becoming a contributor is to get some exposure on an industry related website as well as a link. Let’s not kid ourselves here -- part of the draw to gust blogging is the SEO benefit alongside the exposure.

On the EBOC blog contributors are given an author box that is displayed at the bottom of every post. They are allowed one brand name link and they can link to all of their personal social media profiles. This gives them the exposure they crave, a nice solid link for SEO benefit and then the ability to attract new social followers. It also keeps the blog appearance nice and clean.

3. Constantly Engage With Your Contributors

It’s important that you keep in constant contact with your contributors and make sure that you are always updating them on new changes or policies. It’s also a good idea to send out a weekly list of trending topics to help spark some new ideas.

If you don’t engage with them they will assume you aren’t interested in their content. Keep in touch with them and they will constantly feed your blog with new content. It’s also a good idea to implement a minimum amount of content they need to submit in order to maintain an active contributor account. You don’t want to attract a bunch of one-time contributors.

4. Reward Your Top Contributors

Holding monthly contests is a great way to motivate your contributors and receive the highest quality content. Something as simple as a monthly $100 Amazon gift card for the post with the most social shares or highest page views is a great motivator.

Announce a monthly contest and then send out the results at the end of every month. The winner will love to see his or her name being recognized and the other contributors will get motivated and submit their best quality content.

5. Syndicate Your Content

Your contributors are going to participate more if they feel that their effort is delivering a return. If they are seeing visitors click-through to their website, comment on their content and share it on social media then they will continue to provide quality content for your blog. If your blog traffic numbers are low then you will want to consider syndicating your content through channels such as Outbrain and Taboola. This will attract more traffic to your content and result in more engagement.

Use these tips to help attract quality contributors and user generated blog content. When done right you can schedule content far in advance, guaranteeing that your blog will always have new content for your visitors to engage with.

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