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How Phone Calls Fit Into The New Customer Journey

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When you have a prospect live on the phone it's easier to convert them, right?

A phone call will convert at a much higher rate than a website lead. So, why aren't more companies attempting to drive more inbound phone calls? The truth is, most businesses aren't sure where to begin when it comes to attracting phone calls.

There are three important steps you need to take in order to make your phone ring.

1. You Have to Promote Your Phone Number

You need to make sure that your company's phone number is visible, above the fold, on every page throughout your website. This includes your main pages, your blog and all of your landing pages. Your phone number should also be clickable on mobile devices, allowing the prospect to contact your business with a single one finger click.

2. Track What Drives Calls

You need to find out where your phone calls are originating from, and the easiest solution is to use call tracking software. This will generate unique numbers for you to use on every page. They all route to your main number, and give you the ability to look at data from each page. Where the call originated from, how long it lasted, revenue from the call, what pages triggered the call, what content drove the call and what times you experience peak call volume are all metrics that can help you improve your efforts.

3. Optimize to Drive More Calls

When you have the data mentioned above right in front of you it allows you to optimize your effort to drive even more call volume. When you know what content is driving the highest quality calls you can put more marketing dollars behind its promotion.

The explain how the phone call fits into the new customer journey check out the infographic below that Invoca has put together.

How Phone Calls Fit Into The New Customer Journey

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