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How Influencer Marketing Can Be Used to Effectively Promote Your Brand

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Did you know that nearly two-thirds of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets in 2019? In fact, 80 percent of marketers who participated in the survey said that they find influencer marketing effective.

Clearly, influencer marketing is making waves. If you still haven’t caught up with the trend, you’re missing out on a big marketing opportunity. Before we get into the details, let’s understand what exactly is influencer marketing.

Understanding Influencer Marketing

Typically, influencers have a massive following on various social media platforms. Unlike celebrities, social media influencers are known to maintain a personal rapport with their audiences.

They often update their audiences about what’s going on in their lives and strive to forge stronger bonds with them. With such personal connections, influencers can win the trust of their audiences.

Influencer marketing is all about leveraging their influence to promote your brand. The best way to find success with your influencer marketing strategy is to work with relevant influencers in your niche or a related niche. 

For instance, look at the Swedish clothing brand, H & M’s influencer marketing strategy. They partner with models and fashion bloggers to reach out to their target audience.

Swedish clothing Influencer Marketing

Image via Instagram

With the help of influencer marketing, they’ve built an Instagram audience of 2.7 million followers. To learn about this in detail, you can check out Shane Barker’s guide on this topic.

Key Benefits of Influencer Marketing For Your Brand

It’s obvious that when celebrities or social media influencers endorse your brand, you’ll get more exposure. But there’s more to it than just exposure. Let’s take a closer look at how influencer marketing can help you promote your brand.

1. It Can Influence Purchase Decisions

The most significant advantage of influencer marketing is that it can drive sales for your brand. Influencers are called so for a reason. They can directly influence purchase decisions of consumers.

As mentioned before, influencers are considered experts in their chosen niches, and their followers look forward to their recommendations. They trust their word.

In fact, a survey by Global Web Index found that almost 50 percent of Instagram users who follow influencers say influencers’ recommendations impact their purchase decisions.

When done right, influencer marketing can go beyond just generating visibility and awareness. It can boost your sales and revenue.

2. It Can Help You Boost Your Engagement

Influencer marketing can help you bring in more likes, shares, and comments on your social media posts. That’s because influencers typically drive conversations around a brand on their social media handles. They have a fan base that’s highly engaged.

When influencers mention your brand in a post, their audience gets to learn more about your brand. Some of the traffic gets redirected to your website and social media channels. This can improve the engagement level on your social media channels.

3. It Can Strengthen Your Brand Reputation

Nobody likes a brand that sings its own praises. That’s what traditional advertising methods generally do. With the help of influencers, you can subtly promote your brand.

Since influencers share an excellent trust level with their followers, when they endorse your brand, you’re likely to be perceived as trustworthy as well.

Influencer marketing allows you to leverage their influence to your advantage. Their recommendation gives you a stamp of approval in the eyes of their followers. In a nutshell, it lends you credibility and boosts your brand reputation.

4. You Can Reach Out to a Diverse Audience

With the help of influencer marketing, you can reach a broader audience. If you partner with an influencer whose followers are from multiple niches, you can diversify your audience.

For instance, Kylie Jenner posts content that caters to fitness enthusiasts as well as those interested in cosmetics and fashion. By collaborating with her, Teami Blends reached an audience from all three niches.

Kylie Jenner Influencer Marketing

Image via Instagram

5. You Can Diversify Your Content

Influencer marketing can breathe new life into your overall content strategy. Influencers create new content regularly. In addition to this, they know the preferences of their audiences. So, you can expect them to come up with innovative ideas to promote your brand.

From social media takeovers to tutorials, unboxing videos and blog posts to interviews, there is a lot you can explore. Influencer marketing can help you keep your content engaging as well as fresh. What’s more, influencer content largely outperforms content created by brands.

6. You Can Boost Your SEO Strategy

While influencer marketing is generally associated with content marketing, it can indirectly impact your SEO strategy as well. As we saw earlier, influencer marketing can help you create engaging content that gets more engagement and reaches to a wider audience. That’s an important factor for SEO.

In addition to this, you can also earn backlinks by getting featured on the blogs of influencers. If you find a high authority domain, it gives your SEO efforts a further push. If you do it right, it can help you climb up in the SERPs.

7. You Can Get a High ROI

If you’re still on the fence about influencer marketing, take a look at what other marketers have to say about it.

In the previously quoted Mediakix survey, 89 percent of marketers said that the ROI from influencer marketing was either comparable to or even better than the ROI of other marketing channels.

ROI from influencer

Image via Mediakix

8. You Can Get Testimonials

When you collaborate with an influencer, you can request testimonials from them. You can feature them on your site or even social media channels. The best part is that you can use their testimonials even after your campaign is over.

It’s recommended that you highlight your influencer testimonials on your website so that they are easily visible. You could also pin them at the top of your social media profiles.


Influencer marketing can boost your visibility, awareness, engagement, as well as brand reputation. In addition to this, it can strengthen your SEO and content strategy. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you can’t ignore influencer marketing.

Have you used influencer marketing to promote your brand? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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