Goodbye SEO. Hello Inbound Marketing.

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Welcome to the new world of "Inbound Marketing."

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Ever hear that saying before? It is credited to French journalist and novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, and it is often used to reference the fact that as technology and time advances forward human behavior remains the same. The same can be said for the online marketing and SEO industry. Wait, I mean Inbound Marketing industry. Yeah, that’s right, it is called “Inbound Marketing” now.

We receive email spam and pre-recorded auto-dialer messages on a daily basis offering a wide variety of services. These emails and phone calls are sent out to any and every email address and phone number that these people can get their hands on. Typically the emails are deleted and phone calls hung up on within a second but a pre-recorded message that came across the other day was just too good to pass up. (For the comedic value of course!)

The pre-recorded message was something along the lines of, “Your business needs to stop SEO right away before Google penalizes you. Speak to one of our Inbound Marketing specialists right away and find out how our inbound marketing link building works!”

After hitting the required prompt, a “Hello, sir? Hi, hello?” voice crackled over a low quality connection. It was obviously a call connected overseas and before anything could be said the individual on the other end immediately dove into the pitch. He explained that “SEO” is dangerous and needed to be stopped right away in favor of “Inbound Marketing” because that form of link building and optimization was “much safer” and “Google liked it better.” Oh, but it gets better.

I found it ironic that he had no idea he was speaking with an online marketing agency. He also never attempted to ask any qualifying questions to identify that the business he was speaking with needed this new “Inbound Marketing” phenomenon that he would not stop talking about. At this point I replied that it sounded like a serious issue and asked more about this “Inbound Marketing” form of link building offered.

After his pitch of their “most effective and poplar Inbound Marketing” package I learned that it consisted of:

  • 50 “High PR” Blog Links
  • 5,000 Forum Profile Links
  • 10,000 Blog Comments
  • 1,000 Social Bookmarks
  • “Secret Sauce”

I’m still torn between what is funnier. The contents of this amazing “Inbound Marketing” package or the fact that he was able to say “secret sauce” without skipping a beat and laughing uncontrollably. All this for the amazing low price of $299. What a deal, right?

The sad thing is that many businesses are falling for this. If it wasn’t working then these overseas companies wouldn’t continue to market this way. There is obviously enough response to keep their operations afloat. The term “Inbound Marketing” is the new hot terminology and several individuals are not SEO experts these days, as they are now Inbound Marketing experts.

The link building service this company was pitching is toxic, and further proof that companies will continue to repackage the same crap with a fancy new name. Crap is crap, regardless of how it is presented.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team posted a blog about guest posting the other day that has already resulted in companies now pitching “Guest Posting” as “Content Placement” now. Yes, we have already received emails from individuals offering content placement, and I am sure there will be many, many more to come.

Also, with the recent Expedia penalty on the travel mega-site, there are sure to be a wave of experts who will soon have the new fool proof link building that is “Expedia proof!” Can’t wait to hear all of the new expert SEO Inbound Marketing strategies over the horizon…

Again, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

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