Fishing With Ego Bait to Catch Juicy Authority Links

How to Fish With Ego Bait to Catch Juicy Authority Links

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So, you want to attract some authority links, right? Let us introduce you to one of the most effective link building opportunities called ego bait. The process is exactly like it sounds – you feature an individual or brand and hope that they mention it and return the favor in the form of a nice link back t your website. You are essentially fishing for links using the most powerful link bait available.

Fishing With Ego Bait to Catch Juicy Authority Links

Let’s discuss four ways to use this to your advantage and attract some nice juicy authority links.

1. Industry Interviews

This is a great way to not only produce some great content for your website visitors, but it presents a nice opportunity to gain some inbound links. Look for top influencers in your industry and ask them for an interview. It is important that you don’t only focus on the link. Remember, with ego bait there is no guarantee that you will get a link out of the deal. In this situation even if you don’t receive a link you will have a nice interview that will provide useful information for your visitors.

In order to attract the link you need to make sure that the interview is meaningful and not just complete fluff. Your interview subject will be able to tell if it is a genuine request or just a rush job to get a link. You only get out what you put in, so make sure that you really structure the interview well and don’t just ask random questions.

Think of it as a relationship builder as well. If you conduct a great interview and showcase your subject in a positive light without it sounding overly promotional they will be happy to honor additional requests in the future. Once you publish the interview reach out to them and send them the link. They are going to want to promote it, so there is a good chance they will link it from their website and also share it on social media. This can result in a nice link as well as referral traffic from social media.

2. Industry Roundups

Think of a roundup as a survey. Think of a thought provoking question and reach out to industry leaders. Ask them all the same question and compile all of the responses in one blog post. Make sure to link back to their website in the post, as it will almost automatically cause them to do the same if they mention their feature in one of their blog posts.

These roundups are great content for your readers, but the goal is to attract high quality inbound links. Creating industry roundups sever three purposes extremely well. They help you build relationships with key influencers in your industry, they provide excellent content for your website visitors to engage with, and they help you earn high quality relevant links.

The success of your industry roundup depends highly on the topic and question you ask. make sure to pick a hot topic and a question that is going to spark a lot of debate. You want a question that is going to offer a wide range of responses. Don’t ask anything that can be answered with a simple yes or no response. You want all of your subjects to come back with different tips and opinions.

3. Reference Authority Websites

Another way to “bait” is to link out to high authority references within your blog posts. Again, only do this if the information you are linking to is relevant and provides value to your reader. Content should always be developed for your reader first, and then SEO purposes second.

In the event that you are writing a blog post and the opportunity to mention another industry brand comes up, take it. By linking out to the source you are telling your readers as well as the search engines that you believe their content is high quality. Now, once your post is live make sure you reach out to them and let them know that you featured them in your blog. Nothing is guaranteed, but it is a possible link building opportunity that is well worth the effort.

4. Industry Lists

Creating lists and including top influencers or companies are a great way to use ego bait to obtain high quality links. Out of all the link building tips, this is a way to attract a lot of high quality links with a single post. The trick is to think of a topic that will allow you to list a large number of individuals or companies. Top 25, 50, or 100 lists give you a he link earning opportunity.

It all comes down to quality, though. Don’t just throw a list together and list a bunch of names. Put some creative thought into it and make sure to include a little blurb about each list member. When you reach out to them they are going to read the list and pay special attention to their mention. Remember, this is ego bait! You need to stroke their ego here!

Imagine if you spent some time to compile a list that included 100 authority references. Even just a 20% success rate (20 links) would be a tremendous accomplishment. It would be well worth the time spent researching and writing the piece.

Many people will hear the term ego bait and assume that it involves something that falls outside of the search engine guidelines, but it is perfectly fine. Be creative and use a well thought out strategy when you select your targets. A smart ego bait plan will result in more inbound links for your website.

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