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Our custom animated videos help tell your story in a fun way and help your business grow online. Why? Because they help you convert more leads and sales. Yes, they are that good!

We have an extremely talented group of creative thinkers, copywriters, graphic designers and animators that thrive on creating custom animated videos. Let our team create your business a kick-ass explainer video today!

How does the production process work?

Order now, and let our talented creative minds and animators get to work on your new explainer video!

Note: If you need an explainer video longer than 120 seconds, please contact us for a quote.

Explainer Video FAQs

What is included when we order an explainer video from you?

The simple answer: EVERYTHING! We handle every single aspect, from concept creation to final video.

You get…

How long does the process take?

Every client wants to know how long the video production process takes, and this can vary depending on the project. It would be foolish for us to just throw out a timeline when we don’t know the details of your project. In order to help you understand the timeline for each step of the process we have outlined the time it typically takes for a 60 second explainer video.

Script Writing: After you speak with our creative team it will take approximately 2 business days to deliver the script to you for approval. If you require revisions to your script each revision round will take approximately 1 business day.

Storyboard Production: When the script is finalized and approved we roll into the storyboard production. It takes approximately two weeks (10 business days) to deliver you a completed storyboard for review.

Illustration Concepts: After the storyboard is finalized our graphics designers create full color renderings of all scenes and characters. This can take between 5 and 7 business days, depending on the complexity of the explainer video.

Professional Voice Over: The voice over is typically recorded in a 2-day period.

Custom Animation: With the storyboard and illustrations approved, the animation process can take up to three weeks (15 business days) to complete. This can vary depending on how complex your explainer video is.

Revision Rounds: Revisions are completed in approximately 1 – 2 business days for voice over, storyboard, and animation requests. Script revisions are approximately 1 business day.

Can you explain the revision process?

It is important that you provide detailed feedback during the script development. This is the information that our creative team uses to produce your storyboard. Once the storyboard is approved we will make some changes to the animation, such as spelling or grammar mistakes, timing issues, music volume, sound effect placement, or if the animation goes in a different direction from the approved storyboard. (It won’t — we just used this as an example – basically, we will only make animation changes if we make a mistake)

While our pricing for explainer videos is “all-inclusive” we do change a separate fee if we need to make revisions to the animation due to the client changing his or her mind.

How many revision rounds are allowed?

Every explainer video that we create is custom. We want you to be 100% happy, so we tend to eliminate the need for revisions because we pay attention to what you want from the beginning. Some clients require zero revisions along the way while some request a change here and there along the way. Your satisfaction is top priority, and we work closely with you every step of the way. For that reason, we technically offer unlimited revisions within reason.

What delays production? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

There is one thing that can both delay production as well as speed up the process: YOUR RESPONSE TIME! If you are a large Fortune 500 company and the approval process requires multiple departments and employees to sign off on then you can expect to stay within the guidelines above (or slightly longer if you take your time responding to each step). If you are a smaller company and get back to us quickly (same day) on each step of the process then you can expect a shorter deliver time. The more responsive you are the quicker we can deliver you an awesome explainer video!

Can I see some examples?

Of course.


Jonathan Long
Founder & CEO
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