Earn High Quality Links The Right Way With These SEO Strategies

Earn High Quality Links The Right Way With These SEO Strategies

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Google’s Penguin algorithm is to remove spam from occupying the search results, ultimately providing a better experience for their users. They aim to deliver the most relevant and highest quality search results for their users. Attempting to manipulate the search results by using low quality spammy link building will quickly get your website penalized.

Link building can get tricky, because as much as Google cracks down on unnatural link building, links still remain the biggest signal in their algorithm. Basically, you need links in order to rank, but they have to be high quality and earned naturally. The trick is to acquire them in a way that won’t result in Google taking action on your website.

Earn High Quality Links The Right Way With These SEO Strategies

Link Shift: From Building to Earning

Previously, links were bought, traded, and outright asked for. Sure, it still goes on behind the scenes, but there has been a major shift towards using strategies that earn the kind of high quality links that Google loves and rewards accordingly in the search results.

Use the following strategies to help you build earn high quality links to your website.

Infographic Publishing & Outreach

Creating a high quality infographic based on a popular subject matter within your industry is a great way to earn links and gain exposure for your brand. Many businesses shy away form infographics because of the cost involved, but when you really break down the return you will see that they provide a great value and they are an evergreen piece of content that can continue to drive visitors you're your website and continue to earn links.

Once you have the infographic designed and you publish it on your website you need to reach out to websites. The simplest and most effective approach is to make a first contact and just ask them if they would like to see the infographic. No links in your email and no pitch. Just a simple “Hey we just created this awesome infographic and I think you would like it. Would you like to see it?” This will generally receive a large percentage of people responding telling you to send it over. Then reply with the link and tell them that they are free to use it on their website. Include HTML code at the bottom of it that contains a link back to your website.

If you want more information check out our blog post that explains how to create compelling infographics.

High Quality Blog Content

You will get hit by Google’s Panda penalty if you use low quality thin content on your website. You need to publish great content – after all, earning links always boils down to having awesome content, whether it is blog posts, infographics, or guest posts. High quality content is a must.

Write blog posts that are going to provide value to your readers and cause them to want to share it on social media. This helps to expose your content to a wider audience and it will also result in organic inbound links. Your goal should be to create content that is so good people simply can’t resist linking to it. Make sure to interlink blog posts, as this provides SEO value, but it also keeps your readers on your website longer. This reduces bounce rate and also increases the chance that they convert into a lead or sale.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is still alive and well, regardless of what you might have heard. What is gone though, are the days of low quality guest blogs that exist only to pass a link. The correct approach to guest blogging is to build authority and credibility through excellent content and insight. You need to be able to provide something of value to the website’s readers.

Guest blogging is all about building relationships. Some doors will open up relatively easy for you, while some might require you to knock several times before you get a chance. Target the most popular websites in your industry and not only will you earn excellent links, but you will also receive referral traffic as long as you write content that is useful to the reader. They are naturally going to want to learn more about you and your brand.

Influencer Outreach

Reaching out to key influencers in your industry is a great way to build relationships that can lead to link earning and mentions. Often times these relationships will lead to guest posting opportunities and even them mentioning you or your brand in their content.

A great way to earn links through influencers is by using ego bait. This involves putting together a piece of content, whether it is a list post or an infographic, containing a bunch of influencers. Once you publish the content you need to reach out to them and let them know you featured them. Naturally, ego takes over and they want to share this. They want their audience to know that they have been featured, so they will post about it and most of the times link to your content. Get creative and produce something that has never been done before.

SEO is constantly evolving, and the switch from building links to earning them is something that you really need to focus on if you are serious about your website’s performance in the search results. As your brand gains more exposure it will naturally attract links and mentions, increasing the authority and strength of your website. Continuing to publish great content and following the tips above will help you rise in the organic rankings.

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