How to Determine if Your Websites Needs a SEO Audit

How to Determine if Your Websites Needs a SEO Audit

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In order for a potential customer to purchase your product or service they need to first find your website. When it comes to organic search results you need to be found on the first page of the search results in order to receive traffic. A position at the top of the first page will ultimately deliver the most traffic to your website.

Reaching the top of the search results requires a very well planned and executed search engine optimization campaign. If your website is not currently at the top of the search results or you are seeing very little improvement from your efforts then you might require a SEO audit in order to improve your organic search results.

How to Determine if Your Websites Needs a SEO Audit

Some of the reasons you want to consider a SEO audit include:

High Paid Search Costs With Little to No Return

If you are currently running a pay-per-click marketing campaign and it is not providing you with a solid ROI it would be a good idea to focus on SEO and improving your organic search results. A thorough SEO audit can help uncover problems that can be addresses to improve the organic results, eliminating costly PPC efforts. Many companies spend too much money on clicks because they do not know how to properly optimize a PPC campaign. Having a SEO expert perform an audit could result in organic traffic that you don’t have to pay for by the click.

PPC is Converting Poorly

If you are paying for clicks then you need them to convert in order to produce a return that covers your expenses and provides a profit for your business. Low conversion rates are going to cost you money in the long run so it is a good idea to have your site looked at - we can also perform a PPC audit as well to determine if there are any areas that can be improved to help you boost your paid search conversion rate.

Your Website is Not on Page One of Google

When it comes to organic search results you want to have your website show up on page one, preferably within the top 3 positions, in order get the most exposure and traffic. Google is the number one search engine and a top listing there can be extremely beneficial. If your website is not currently sitting on top of Google’s organic results a SEO audit could help you get there.

You Have Traffic But it Doesn’t Convert

Your website could be receiving thousands of visits a day but if those visitors aren’t converting into sales or leads then the traffic is useless. There are several reasons this could be happening: a poorly designed website, poor content, or you could simply be targeting the wrong keywords. This is where a SEO audit can help improve your campaign and start attracting higher quality traffic that converts.

High Bounce Rate and Low Website Action

If your visitors are landing on your website and leaving right away and not visiting additional pages then you are missing out on opportunities. Why do you think someone would immediately leave a website after landing on it? Well, they either didn’t find the information presented to them useful or they had a bad user experience. A SEO audit can help to determine what is causing your high bounce rate and uncover ways to correct it. Often times it has to do with attracting visitors that are not interested in your products or services. When performed correctly, a SEO audit can drastically improve the performance of your website.

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Your Analytics Show Inconsistent Traffic

If your traffic is not growing or taking large dives then you may need a SEO audit in order to correct the problem. Your website traffic should be constantly increasing as you continue your search engine optimization campaign. Simply looking at your analytics daily isn’t going to magically make the traffic grow, so think about having a professional SEO audit performed to identify problem areas and a course of correction.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider having a SEO audit completed for your website. The goal of every search engine optimization campaign is to improve a websites ranking to attract more traffic and then convert a large percentage of that traffic into leads and sales. There are so many components that work together in a successful SEO campaign, so sometimes it is a good idea to get a professional opinion. Contact us today if you would like more information about our search engine optimization audit service. The sooner you make corrections and changes, the sooner you can start seeing higher traffic numbers in terms of volume and conversions.

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