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Data-Driven Strategies for Writing Better Titles & Headlines

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One of the most overlooked elements of a blog post is one that you probably put little to no thought into. Think of the last blog post you published on your blog -- how much thought did you put into the title?

The majority of business owners will say, "I really didn't put any effort into writing the title." Most people will load up their blog post and with little to no thought behind it, they will type out a blog title and then click the "publish" button. Does this sound familiar? Don't feel bad, because very few people actually take the time to put extra effort into the one part of the blog post that is going to attract readers to a particular post.

Think about how many people land on your website and they determine what pieces of content they engage with based on the title. Your blog post titles are responsible for your click-through rate. Common sense tells you that a horrible blog title will not have a high CTR, while a great title will have a much higher click-through rate. The title is the very first part of your content that someone is going to come into contact with -- it can be the factor that dictates whether someone reads your content or passes right over it in favor of something else, or even worse, another website.

Plain and simple, writing better blog post headlines and titles is going to improve your click-through rate, and more people engaging with your content is going to naturally lead to more leads, sales and revenue for your business. Rather than just say, "Write better headlines and titles" we teamed up with HubSpot to create the infographic below. The data we were able to gather will show you what words you should be using to increase your blog engagement, as well as what title lengths are best for social, search, CTR and post-engagement.

Data-Driven Strategies for Writing Better Titles & Headlines

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