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  • inbound phone calls

    How Phone Calls Fit Into The New Customer Journey

    By | Thursday, July 23, 2015 | 0 comment

    When you have a prospect live on the phone it’s easier to convert them, right? A phone call will convert at a much higher rate than a website lead. So, why aren’t more companies attempting to drive more inbound phone calls? The truth is, most businesses aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to…

  • Why Your Business Needs to Hire a Dedicated SEO Company

    Why Your Business Needs to Hire a Dedicated SEO Company

    By | Thursday, June 4, 2015 | 0 comment

    The competition for top organic search real estate is at an all time high. Every business is after the top positions and they are increasing their budgets and doing everything needed in order to succeed. If you want to increase your visibility in the organic search results you need to hire a dedicated SEO company….

  • 6 Common SEO Myths Exposed & Addressed

    6 Common SEO Myths Exposed & Addressed

    By | Friday, May 29, 2015 | 0 comment

    There are several common SEO myths that some business owners believe because of misinformation floating around online. Anyone can publish opinions online but just because it’s on the internet it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate and correct. Search engine optimization, when done correctly, can help a business attract laser targeted website visitors that turn into…

  • Google Algorithm Updates

    Google Algorithm Updates Throughout The Years (Infographic)

    By | Thursday, May 21, 2015 | 0 comment

    The many Google algorithm updates throughout the years have all been rolled out with one common goal: to improve the quality of the search results and deliver a better user experience. Ranking a website high in Google several years ago was a simple 2-step process. First, you had to stuff your target keyword into your…

  • 3 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

    3 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

    By | Wednesday, April 22, 2015 | 0 comment

    Google’s mobile-friendly update began to roll out yesterday, dubbed #mobilegeddon, and if your website isn’t mobile-friendly at this point you are way behind. There is a large percentage of websites that have not adapted yet, so don’t feel overwhelmed if you haven’t made the necessary changes yet. It is not too late to convert to…