How Blogging Gets Customers For Your Business

How Blogging Gets Customers For Your Business

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If you want to learn how blogging gets customers for your business you must understand that you have to provide something of value in order to receive something back. Creating useful blog posts that provide a value to your potential customers is a great way to earn their trust and educate them about why the products or services that you provide can help solve their problems.

The value you provide translates into supporters of your brand and long-term customers. Let’s discuss some of the main reasons why blogging is a great tool to help attract new customers.

How Blogging Gets Customers For Your Business

Provides Information About Your Products or Services

Blogging gives you a chance to educate your prospective customers about what you offer. What it does. How it can help them. Why they should buy it. You can essentially answer any potential questions that might arise before they make a purchase. This builds trust and they already feel connected to your brand before visiting your checkout cart or calling your company.

Not every consumer is going to be ready to make a purchase right away. It might take several visits before they are ready, so it is important to make sure that you have something new and useful for them to read every time they return. A well thought out blogging strategy can help eliminate typical frequently asked questions and make the buying process quick and painless.

Blogging Creates a Sales Funnel Full of Hot Prospects

Including a strong call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the post or within the content is a great way to constantly fill your sales funnel with potential prospects. Promote digital downloads, trial offers, free consultations, etc. All of the current lead generation methods you are using can be worked into your blogging to really load up the top of your conversion funnel. You can also include a subscription to your blog, alerting potential customers each time a new piece of content is published.

Using your analytics and conversion data really gives you great insight about what content is producing the most leads. Using this you can create more great content around the topics that are resulting in the most number of leads. Your ideal potential customer is obviously interested in these topics, so elaborating on them will naturally increase your lead volume.

Expand Beyond Your Physical Storefront

If you have a physical storefront then your reach is very limited to your local market. Blogging allows you to reach a wider audience and introduce an entirely new customer base to your brand. An active blog allows you to target customers that are outside of your local market. Since they cannot just walk into your business they need to feel comfortable doing business with you.

A blog that is constantly updated with good information can help to break down the initial barrier, helping to build confidence in your brand. Since they can’t physically visit your location your blog allows them to learn more about what you do and why they should purchase from you.

It Helps Potential Customers Find You

Blogging also helps customers find you through the search engines. Every search engine optimization strategy should include blogging, as it allows you to target long tail keywords and rank your content in the SERPs. Adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis is also a strong signal that shows the search engines that your website is a trusted source of information.

The majority of consumers will turn to Google when they are doing their preliminary research on a product or service. When you are able to have them discover your blog content in this preliminary purchase stage it allows you to introduce your brand to them in a non promotional way and also address their questions before they even ask them. When done correctly they will be sold on your product or service without you having to “sell” them on why they should consider your brand.

Driving traffic to your website through organic search rankings can also help to increase your overall online marketing ROI. Organic traffic is much more appealing than paying per click. While not an overnight solution, blogging can really increase your organic reach in the SERPs, so it is a very wise investment.

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