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  • social media for your business

    How to Leverage Social Media Effectively for Your Business [Infographic]

    By | Thursday, August 22, 2019 | 0 comment

    Social media is more than just online platforms for socializing — it is where people cultivate their opinions — mostly influenced by other individuals, brands and communities that align to their already existing ideology on the very same platform. The more influence a brand or individual has, the more appeal they have when promoting an…

  • influencer marketing

    How Influencer Marketing Can Be Used to Effectively Promote Your Brand

    By | Wednesday, August 21, 2019 | 0 comment

    Did you know that nearly two-thirds of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets in 2019? In fact, 80 percent of marketers who participated in the survey said that they find influencer marketing effective. Clearly, influencer marketing is making waves. If you still haven’t caught up with the trend, you’re missing out on…

  • How to Build a Rock-Star Remote Team

    How to Build a Highly Effective Rock-Star Remote Team

    By | Saturday, August 17, 2019 | 0 comment

    A few years back, there seemed to be almost a “mystique” around working remotely. How could you do everything from home, including connect with your team, have meetings and, perhaps most importantly, keep yourself motivated when you’d rather be going to see a movie or checking out the latest sale at the mall. But today,…

  • market IT services company

    8 Best Practices to Market an IT Services Providing Business

    By | Saturday, August 17, 2019 | 0 comment

    With the demand for different IT services being on the rise, the number of such businesses keeps growing. The only way to rise above the competition is to take the right approach to marketing. Whether you are an IT service startup or a company with experience, you are probably looking for the best marketing practices…

  • 10 Ways to Build More Quality Backlinks to Your Website

    10 Ways to Build More Quality Backlinks to Your Website

    By | Friday, August 9, 2019 | 0 comment

    If you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll already have looked into link building. From the outside, it can seem like you have two options in that regard: spend a huge part of your working life producing vast amounts of content, or wade through a complicated list of tips and hacks that may or may…