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The 7 Best Link Building Services: A Complete Guide

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Whether you are a startup looking to jumpstart your company’s online presence or you are a content creator hoping to make a name for yourself, link building is an essential SEO component that can make ALL the difference.

A few years back, when SEO was a relatively new thing, careless webmasters used link farms to increase inflowing links cheaply and fast. After several updates to the algorithm, no one expects such a dubious strategy to work--it has become clear that quality matters when it comes to everything SEO.

Particularly in regards to link building. If you can get websites with authority to link to your site, you are golden--not just because it satisfies the algorithm, but it's also a source of quality traffic. If you want to learn more about link building, you can read about it here.

That’s why any link building must focus on quality. We repeat that any link building service worth your money should focus on QUALITY links instead of quantity.

Currently, you can find thousands of services that swear by their mother’s grave that they are the “real deal." But with so much false information out there, who can you trust? We saved you the trouble of answering the question of questions:

What are the best link building services of 2020?

1. Smash Digital

Smash Digital Logo

Smash Digital earns first place in this list for their unorthodox white hat technique–taking what appears to be the industry standard and flipping the middle finger at it. No link farms, no second-hand links, no grey hat techniques. With more than 50 years of combined SEO experience, the founders of this SEO agency know that quality is the name of the game, which they deliver.

The firm works with thousands of website owners, editors, and marketers to get your content featured on the highest quality, most relevant sites.

Unlike most companies with a standardized business model (where you are just another client on their list), these guys take a personal approach to every client, making your website a unique project.

Smash Digital is not limited to link building; in fact, they offer a range of services for all of your SEO needs. They offer a fully managed SEO service, where they optimized every aspect of your site for you. If you are more of a hands-on site owner but still want to know how well optimized your site it, their website audit service will treat you right.


  • Relevant Links

As you know, Google’s algorithm has gotten far more strict with regards to backlinks. That is why relevant links coming from authority-rich pages are crucial for getting that link juice flowing, and these guys are the best in the business.

  • White hat Approach

As per their site, they don't use PBNs or link farms. Each link goes through a thorough vetting process. Cheap backlinks won't smear your blog post or website.

  • Abundant Connections

Over the last ten years, the company has managed to build many relationships with businesses, high quality writers, and marketers--all to your benefit.

  • Problem-Solving

Is your website stuck? Are links not getting the job done? These guys have a (fully) managed service that is known to produce some pretty solid results and improved rankings.


  • Premium Prices

If you are looking for the cheapest run-of-the-mill link building, Smash Digital isn't for you. They charge premium fees for premium services and deliver premium results.

  • Not for Everyone

Smash Digital has a selective business model. They only work on projects that they feel are suitable for both parties involved. This guarantees full devotion to every project and a higher success rate.

You can always email them for free to find out if your website is a good fit.

2. Page One Power

Page One Power Logo

Page One Power surprised us with their unique approach to link building. While most link building services consider PageRank (Domain Authority, Citation Flow, URL ranking) above all other metrics, these guys have adopted a relevance-first approach.

You might be asking yourself, is the “relevance-first” approach superior? And if so, why doesn't everybody else emulates them?

The answer is yes, but...That's because SEO is not an exact science. Yes, relevance has a significant impact on link quality, but neglecting any other aspect of Google’s algorithm or other search engines may harm your website. In other words, Page One Power would have one of the most powerful link building strategies as long as they keep every other metric in mind. The good news? They do.


  • Fresh Approach

Since the majority does not exploit their ways, the likelihood of Google cramming down on their links and services is quite low. Best for the long term.

  • Relevance of Links

Selling Donald Trump sex dolls on social media? Imagine your links at a site about cute bunnies. From personal experience, trust us when we say you don’t want that. As a quality link building company, the guys and gals at Page One Power will get you links related to your site.


  • Premium Pricing

If a couple of thousands per month don’t scare you off, their link building services may be a right call.

  • Scary Review

We couldn’t find any significant downside to this agency besides pricing. That being said, we did find a rather alarming review on their Yelp page.

“We specifically asked them NOT to provide links on spammy websites and directories, but not only did they do that, but they also bragged about it as part of their "quota" of links for the month. Rather than attempt to remedy the situation, the company instead continues to send us threatening emails.” -Michael, Yelp, 2015.

3. Sure Oak

Sure Oaks Logo

SureOaks.com is turning into an SEO beast of a company. They have earned the trust of major national brands with their remarkable link building service. Their modus operandi has no rival, focusing on the right metrics, relevance, and the construction of proper anchor texts.

Besides their excellent work ethic, Sure Oak is known for its special EDU link building services. They use their relationships with academic institutions, which are some of the most authoritative and trustworthy domains, to get you these links and keep them for the long-term success of your site.

That said, the team at Sure Oak might be biting more than what they can chew. Their offerings are so broad that saturation has been known to influence the client’s experiences negatively. In most cases, though, the reviews have a positive tone to them.


  • High Quality Links

With their repertoire of connections built over the years, SureOak surely delivers on their promises of quality links. Plus, with their EDU program, you might be able to get your links into some websites with high authority.

  • Trustworthy

Several big-name brands and national businesses trust Sure Oak with their money-- a great indication that you should too.

  • Free Consultation

If you are here, it's probably because you need some links, but what if you can get a professional, personalized SEO strategy review for free? Find out more.


  • Premium Prices

You can’t get premium backlinks without paying the big bucks unless you get them yourself. Period. Shady link building services may tell you otherwise, but trust me on this one.

  • All-encompassing*

Sure Oak offers a wide range of products and services. This can be great if you are looking for a one-stop site, but with limited staff members and an ever-growing client list, results may vary.


Fat Joe Link Building Service

FATJOEis no average Joe. They changed the rules of the SEO agency game with a revolutionary dashboard (of which they are so proud it's almost weird) that allows you to manage and track orders easily. Signing up to FATJOE gives you access to premium services such as blogger outreach, blog posts writing, and press releases.

Unlike the companies mentioned previously, FATJOE is focused solely on being a supplier for agencies, rather than consulting. This has benefits and drawbacks. On the bright side, the prices are generally kept lower with the option to invest as much as you want. On the other hand, it also means that their service is not as personal, and the quality of their link building service may vary.


  • Low Prices

The starting prices depend on the services you request, which can be tailored to your budget and can be re-evaluated on a per month basis.

  • Scalable

Since its agency focused, FATJOE has the resource to provide link building services to as many clients as you need.

  • Great Support

Quick response time and a dedicated support team will have your back covered any day of the year.


  • Inconsistent Quality

The low prices and scalability should give a clue. Since FATJOE does not own the websites it is linking to, they have to find a way to get enough sites to meet the demand. That's why the quality of the links can range from amazing to useless.

  • Agency Focused*

Depending on what your needs are, this could be considered an attribute. If you are an agency, great. If you're just a bloke with an online business or blog, not so much.

5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog Logo

Screamingfrog.co.ukis an SEO agency founded in the UK back in 2010. They combine in-house teams and external agencies to ensure you get an excellent service. They are also known for their love for chatting. Well, not quite. They believe communication is the key to success, so they spend a lot of their efforts in thoroughly understanding the client's intentions and desires.

These guys have years of experience and great connections with websites in almost every industry, so you don’t have to worry about their outreach capabilities. They’ve also worked with renowned international companies and businesses, so you better believe they know what they are doing.

One thing to keep in mind is that link building is not their primary service. Screaming Frog is mostly known for itsScreaming Frog SEO Spider, a site crawler, and their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service. All in all, Screaming Frog is an excellent option for those looking for a great alternative in link building services.


  • Trustworthy

They have been in the industry since the same year Justin Bieber released his most famous song: “Baby.” Coincidence? I don’t think so. They might not be as exciting to your teenage daughter, but these guys are the real deal.

  • Relevant

The Brits get the gist. Screaming Frog is an all-rounded company, despite not centering their services on link building, they do a great job of getting quality links.

  • Communicative

“As long as there is communication, everything can be solved,” said someone smarter than me. And the guys at Screaming Frog believe this to be the case. They don’t move forth unless they fully understand your intentions and the deepest,darkest of your desires.


  • Premium Rates

If you have ever gone to the UK, you know nothing in this country comes at a low price. That is one of the reasons (excellent service is another) why their prices tend to the expensive side of the scale. You didn't expect a quality link building company to come off cheap, did you?

  • International*

If you are residing in America, having the company you are working with an international phone call away could be an unnecessary hustle. Or maybe not, you can always resort to emailing.

6. Siege Media

Siege Media SEO Agency

Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Zillow, Intuit–these companies have two things in common: big money and Siege Media. This SEO agency argues it can (and will) consistently produce content that will predictably earn at least a handful of high quality links with every new piece that’s shared. If we were to make a decision based on their clients, we would probably believe them.

Since Siege Medias’s process is entirely white-hat, they can’t guarantee the number of links you’ll receive, but they do set a range to expect each month. They work off a model that determines how complex the content asset you’ll receive is, and how much outreach time you’ll get.

The major setback is that there isn’t any. No negative reviews on the entire internet. Have you ever browsed Reddit? Or have you read Youtube comments? That doesn’t happen. So wtf Siege Media, what are you [not] doing?


  • Abundant Connections

With over 5,000 publisher relationships, outreach won't be a problem. They spread their outreach for around 30 to 45 days on which they target relevant sites.

  • Trusted by Major Companies

To be clear, when websites boast “having worked” with a company, it doesn’t necessarily mean they paid for the services they want to sell to you. It just means at some point in time they worked together (they could have cleaned their toilets for all we know). That being said, these guys seem legit.

  • Relevant Links

Their links are okay. Not the best, not the worst. That's the key that they are consistently okay. Unlike other companies where they provide the best backlinks followed by the worst backlinks, these guys keep the outliers at bay.


  • No Reviews

We couldn't even find genuine positive reviews. Not even on social media. All reviews researched appear to be written by marketers with excellent grammar...

7. The Hoth

The Hoth SEO Agency

The only reason we included The Hoth in our review comes down to volume. These guys were one of the first link building firms to go huge. Cheap prices for spammy links were every site owner’s dream. After all, back then it got the job done; it was good enough for search engines.

Now that Google is smarter than ever, the company has had to transition into a whole new kind of business: good links for an affordable price.

So, are they any good at it?

Nobody can give you a straight answer. We found contradictory information all over the internet. From one “case study” that proved their services were great, to unsatisfied clients yelping on Yelp. In other words, your experience may vary.

We suggest you test it with a small budget. Track every link profile and the natural traffic your site gains from those links. If you think it's good enough, go for it.


  • Affordable Packages

Starting at $49, The Hoth has some of the most affordable link building services out there. If you are an SEO virgin (welcome to the Nerd Kingdom), and you want to improve your site without having to invest your kind’s college fund, this service might do the work.

  • Great Support

We would argue that there is such a thing as too quick. Your boyfriend’s unimpressive 5-minute bust is too quick. The Hoth’s customer service would be your boyfriend in this lovely analogy.

  • Volume*

Previously, we mentioned that large-volume services could be a sign of poor link quality, so keep that in mind. But depending on your niche, budget, and intentions, it could be what you need.


  • Inconsistent Quality

Like most companies, The Hoth is not as consistent as they want you to think. While they are one of the largest companies in the industry, their record is not the greatest. Their guest posting, in particular, has had interesting results.

  • Confusing Webpage

Home>Menu Tab>Services>Link Building>Pricing. See? Simple, intuitive, and inviting. Get with the times The Hoth. Here’s the link directly to their link building service.

If you want a more detailed (pun intended), hands-on review on The Hoth and other SEO services, I implore you to read and follow Glen Allsopp at Detailed.

Link Building Services To Avoid


It can’t be stated enough – don’t use Fiverr for link building.

Don't get me wrong, Fiverr is a great platform for finding graphic designers, writers, interpreters, and other freelancers for a great price. However, when it comes to search engine optimization and link building, Fiverr and its freelancers cannot deliver.

Getting hundreds of backlinks for a low price is an excellent sign that the supplier is probably using PBNs and other black hat techniques that are more detrimental to your site's health than the potential benefit.

Overall it’s a shady practice that will easily be recognized and punished by Google. You’re also very unlikely to prove the work has been done on your site.

Search engines will catch on instantly if you use these services, and your search rankings will be negatively affected. White hat, clean SEO work, and organic links are the way to go.

Paid Guest Posting

Even the best link building services resort to guest posting and blogger outreach to get quality backlinks. But that doesn’t include paid guest post links for two reasons:

First, sites that accept payment for guest post placements are at best questionable. You wouldn't expect legit sites like TechCrunch or Wired to charge you 100 dollars to publish your post, would you?

Second, buying and selling links goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines! Your site can (and will) be penalized if you resort to a shady black hat approach.


Having your hub of private blogs to generate as many backlinks as you can fancy is the epitome of every webmaster's dream. That is until you learn about the risks involved with using them. Yes, PBNs can increase your search rankings, but can quickly become a liability if Google catches you.

Google hates PBNs as much as Bert Kreischer hates using a shirt on stage.

Backlinks can be thought of as votes of confidence. The more votes you get, the more Google trusts your site. But if people start to build links without earning them, the system will no longer work.

That's why Google will destroy (hyperbole) your site if you are found guilty of using PBNs to build links.

In conclusion…

The process of increasing your page’s link juice can prove itself to be exhausting and time-consuming, so taking advantage of these resources can be all the more exciting. But making the wrong decision with the agency you hire can be more harmful to your site than not doing anything at all. That's why we suggest that you do the due diligence of researching on your own.

It’s never a bad idea to contact the agencies. Ask all the right questions. Pressure them to give you more details on how they plan to get QUALITY links (yes, I just capitalized it AGAIN).

That being said–and now that you can't sue us in case you lose all your money–you can't go too wrong with any company mentioned in this article.

Hopefully, our blog post was of great help!

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