Avoid 7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversion Rates

Avoid 7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversion Rates

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Generating leads is a crucial part of every business. When attempting to generate qualified leads online most businesses will create landing pages and offer something of value in exchange for information that they deem valuable from the website visitor. This will typically include email addresses, names, phone numbers or additional pieces of qualifying information.

Properly optimized landing pages are one of the most efficient tools a business can use to generate leads. They have to be done right. Your sales copy, images, call to action, offer location and even the color of your buttons all play a role in whether or not a website visitor converts into a lead or leaves your website.

If your landing page copy is too long and doesn't quickly and clearly define your offer you will lose interest fast. If your landing page is too confusing and overwhelming your visitors won't know what you want them to do and will leave without filling out anything. If your website loads slowly your visitors will become impatient and leave. There are several landing page flaws that can contribute to low conversion rates. This ultimately costs your business a lot of money because it drives up your overall customer acquisition costs.

While there are several landing page mistakes that you will want to avoid, the infographic below from Quick Sprout discusses seven very common ones that can really kill conversion rates. Not only does it identify the problems, but it also explains how to fix them. You can also check out this blog post for more tips on how to properly optimize your landing pages. Simply creating a landing page isn't going to automatically generate leads for your business so make sure you understand what elements contribute to a successful landing page that will convert your website traffic into leads.

Don't be afraid to get creative and try new ideas when developing your landing pages. For example, we saw a 17% increase in conversions when we started using a time-sensitive offer on our landing pages for our PPC management service. We improved our conversion rate even more when we removed the navigation menu from those landing pages, for a 22% increase overall.

Avoid 7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversion Rates

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