How to Attract Action to Your Blog Posts

How to Attract Action to Your Blog Posts

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If you are creating blog posts on a regular basis don’t you want to make sure you are receiving the maximum benefit for your hard work and effort? You should want every blog reader to read through your entire post, and not just quickly glance over it. The majority of your website visitors aren’t going to read through your entire blog posts, but there are some things you can do to help improve the percentage of visitors that will fully read your content.

How to Attract Action to Your Blog Posts

Keep Your Post Length Reasonable

Many businesses think that they need to crank out super long posts that are 2,500 – 3,000 words in order to attract attention, but your readers don’t want to, nor do they have the time to read huge blog posts. We have experimented and split test several different lengths of content, and we find that personally, our posts perform better if they are under 1,000 words. Now, this will be different for every business, so it is important that you test several blog post lengths until you find your sweet spot.

If your blog posts are under 1,200 words and are formatted in several small, easy to read paragraphs it will increase the percentage of readers that read the entire post. If your readers aren’t reading all of your content then what is the point in writing super long posts?

Don’t Go Overboard With Images

While images can spice up your blog posts, it is important that you don’t go overboard with images. Too many pictures can distract the reader from reading all of your content.

For our blog we tend to only use one image per blog post. This keeps it very simple and allows the reader to focus on the content without being distracted by multiple images. Now, if there are occasions where you will need to include several diagrams or screen shots to get your point across, then by all means do so! For example, our definitive on-page optimization guide features several images as they compliment the blog post. Without the images in that post it would be extremely difficult to comprehend.

Make Sure Your Font is Pleasant (on all devices)

There is absolutely no reason that your readers should have to squint and be uncomfortable when reading your blog posts. Make sure that your font is a peasant style and large enough that is can be comfortably read on all devices. We see so many blogs that have font so small that it makes the posts nearly impossible to read. Large font and small paragraphs that are easy to digest will produce the best results for you.

Use Bullet & List Formatting

Using bullet and list formatting in your blog posts helps to break down your information in easy to read parts. Remember, the goal is to keep your readers engaged long enough to make it to the end of your post. The more full reads your content receives, the more leads and conversions your blog will help to generate for your business. That is the point of your blog, right?

Compare it to eating a big steak. Wouldn’t you be able to digest it easier if it was cut up into multiple little pieces? Often times you can take a paragraph worth of information and turn it into a single bullet point, making it easier to get your point across.

Make Sure Your Blog Posts Deliver Value

Often times we see business blogs that are full of useless content. They are either overly promotional or they don’t provide anything of value to the reader. Provide value and you will see your readers return to your website over and over, but provide very little value and they will find another source of information.

Focus on delivering information related to your industry and you will not only see more of your visitors read your posts in their entirety, but you will also build a loyal audience. These are very simple tips to increase the time spent reading your content, which will ultimately result in more revenue for your business.

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