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9 Tips to Help You Write a Remarkable ‘About Us’ Page (with Examples)

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A company’s website without an ’About Us’ section is equivalent to a fish out of water.  It's incomplete, misinterpreted and struggling to survive in this competitive market.

The ‘about us’ section in any website, defines its character, vision, mission and values, all in a synopsis. This section enables diverse people to understand the objectives of a specific firm and to connect with it closely.

But the primary focus should be to include this section on your website in the right way. There is a pool of things to remember while deciding on the inclusion of this crucial page. The question is, what are the significant factors that require consideration? Are there any remarkable tips for this page? Can we get a reference to derive inspiration from? If these questions have been running around in your mind for a while, dive into an array of tips with us to know more.

Tips to Write an Impactful 'About Us' Page

Your website requires garnishing and this one isn’t optional. ‘About Us’ page of your website isn’t only a topping for your page but is also the most significant flavor that enhances the taste of your company's website.

For this reason, given below are a few important tips to consider that will help you ace your ‘About Us’ section. Read through and let us help you succeed in creating an effective  'About Us' page.

1. Interact with the audience directly.

An 'About Us' section is supposed to be an informative aspect of your website but with so much more. It must also be the correct line of communication that can deliver your messages because that is the primary objective. Through the ‘About Us’ section, masses are introduced to your services, team members and all other major factors of your business, which in turn will help you to transmute your audience into potential clients and buyers of your services.

The best way to communicate? Use visual effects and walk the extra mile of simplicity. Tell your own brand story and engage your audience. Use short descriptions, videos or even a series of pictures. Ugmonk is where you would find a clear story of the past, the cause and the situations which lead to the company and its ideals.

It is essential to focus on interacting with the audience directly with the help of good content that keeps them engaged in your services. Blue Apron is an exemplary website that offers a great about us section. It keeps audiences engaged which its creative content and subtle visuals and of course don’t miss out on the extraordinary section that says ‘ Life at Blue Apron’ and showcases a collage of pictures that depicts the exclusive work culture at the organization.

2. Define the business.

The job of an ‘About Us’ section is to define the business appropriately to its audience and provide information about the services they provide. For this reason, your website must ensure to include a hands-on section of about us which incorporates all-important business details. Nothing crucial should be ignored as this can severely hamper your business advancement.

If you see any website, this required part is a section on how to communicate with the business. A small action button, text box or an email link works. More often than not, a download link constructively placed also suits. Take the Canva page, for example. The 'About Us' section has everything, but they don't miss out on a final download link at the bottom while also keeping it basic and easy. Similarly, the Canva career page sits right at the top when we talk about graphics, visuals, and customized content. What an amazing way to shout out for creative people willing to join Canva.

3. Structure with basics.

Gaudy business pages do not have the necessary clarity. They may even ruin the quality of your content by adding additional fancy words or jargon that may not be required as much. For this reason, it is always best to stick to a business ‘About Us’ section which is as simple as possible. One must also keep a check on the fonts that are being used in the business page writeup. It should be easy to read and understand by all means.

If you are looking to improve your 'About Us' section you should check out Dropbox -- this page has an exclusive 'About Us' section that is adorned with simple content to add understandability to the services.

4. Quality above quantity.

We often forget the importance of quality over quantity while working on something as major as a website.

But in reality, there is no point in having a list of things on your website, if they don’t include quality. For instance, an 'About Us' that has 500-words of content with no clarity in its sentences is ultimately rendered useless and ineffective.

Quality comes when you keep things clear, to the point and focus more on the important rather than extra content. In fact, photos are mostly used to ensure so. They allow removal of extra text, quick transfer of information and visually pleasing. is a fabulous website that is the perfect example who follows this point to the "T." It paves the way for fresh content that is crisp yet finely detailed. They use photos more rather than texts while also using two liner messages to communicate.

5. Reflect on your specialization.

To win the support and love of your audience, it is essential to show off your skills to them and win their trust. It is only then when they have reasons to rely on you, that you get brownie points to earn. Try adding feedback from your clients, showcase your achievements and other important things to reflect your specialization in the service you provide. This will help you to gain the trust of your audience easily. is the perfect fit for such an exemplary point. Its website has an 'About Us' section that provides a vivid description about the company’s statistic relating to its clients, and other important matters which will help the audience to understand how well the company has been performing over the years.

6. Visualize your page.

Why devoid your page of fantastic visuals that can bring you more revenue than ever? Yes, the 'About Us' page becomes more alluring with the help of attractive visuals that best describe your enterprise. With good quality images and specifications, your 'About Us' page can derive guaranteed assistance by bringing in more audience to convert into clients and regular buyers. Eventually, as your buyers increase, so does the company’s revenue. is a refined website that fits well for a sample here. This website has used several visuals to deck up the 'About Us' page like a pro. Not only is it adorned with bright colors to attract the attention of the clients but it also has several crucial contents pushed inside them to grab the attention of the audience into their services.


7. Show off your people.

An audience is a searching group of people. They want all the attention, support, assistance and time that you are most likely to provide them. The more helpful you are, the better opportunity you have to grab a deal with them directly. If your audience has taken the initiative to view your 'About Us' section, or scroll through your website, instead of wanting them to do anything different, you’ve got to help them do it more often.

Websites use their own Employee or Staff section to bring in more significance and reality to the plate. Like Canva, Buffer is a website which provides staff descriptions and bio section along with its own values, effectively ensuring a personal humane touch to its digital platform.

Direct your audience to the right path on your website, help them reach out to you, and I guarantee they would never take the alternative path.

8. Mix humor with professionalism.

Professionalism mixed with no-beating-around-the-bush sounds like a good idea, but wouldn’t it be boring when it’s just about business?

We all need a breath of fresh air even while dealing in a business environment, there is no harm in wanting a bit of humor now and then, till the time professionalism stays intact. Try adding one or two funny lines in between your operational content in the 'About Us' section. It helps to spice up the content like a pro, keeping your audience engaged for longer periods. is a great example of how you can mix humor with professionalism.

9. Talk about credibility.

The 'About Us' section establishes the tone of your company just like the first interaction between you and your customer. Without a good first impression, things might not work in your favor in the future.

Now if you lack credibility and authenticity in your content, chances are your perspectives are going to bounce back right from there. Because certainly none of them want to do business who is dicey about their own organization.

For example, Odoo keeps its design sleek but is primarily known for its simple, one-line statement as their header which answers any doubts about the company's goals and plans instantly.

The message is passed on, the website does not become text-heavy and the customer becomes happy -- everything packed in one.

Common ‘About Us’ Page Mistakes to Avoid

We often tend to make a few common mistakes that can cost us all our efforts and energy. It is always wise to keep updated with these silly mistakes to refrain from them when the time comes. To clarify, we've got a list of "Don'ts" for your website.

Unpleasant Design

People often focus on the content of the website and forget about the designs. In reality, designs also have a greater role to play in luring clients and audiences to invite them to your website and scroll through the about us section. Unpleasant designs may also call for signs of unprofessionalism which will automatically steal away potential clients from you.

If you don’t want such things to happen, make sure that you choose a good web designer for your company’s website. They will help you to select the correct designs with fine templates and apt fonts to match the look.

Difficult Access

Your audience is searching.  If you give them a helping hand, they will drive in instantly.

If your website has an 'About Us' section which allures a certain group of clients and if the link to the website or the name is too complicated to remember, you will lose out on all of them instantly because of the simple reason, the audience doesn't have so much time to invest, especially when there are so many other alternatives.

Keep a check on your website’s link, portfolios and other important things that may help you to connect with clients. Make sure to get them altered if they are too difficult for your clients to easily get in touch with you.

Only Text -- No Visuals

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make on their websites is that they add a lot of text with no visuals to relish. This makes the website monotonous, stealing away the look, eventually making it too text-heavy.

It is crucial to avoid such problems by striking a balance between texts and visuals. When you do so, your website automatically becomes tempting thereby giving your clients a fair opportunity to run through your website in delight. It is also a significant sign of professionalism.

Final Thoughts

The ‘About Us’ section on your website isn’t a luxury like other sections; it’s a necessity -- almost like a standard. So, craft your content intricately, and choose your designs wisely. Don't be afraid to keep things basic and short, add visuals and don't worry about jargon. Your website’s 'About Us' section has to be engaging, appropriate and well-curated.

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