7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Company’s Blog Content

7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Company’s Blog Content

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Simply publishing content isn’t enough. You need to promote your company’s blog content in order to increase its effectiveness and reach. If you are able to expose your content to a larger audience it’s going to result in more website traffic, leads, sales and revenue.

Too many businesses assume that they are done once they publish a new blog post, but simply publishing it doesn’t guarantee a single person is going to engage with the content. It takes a well thought out promotion strategy to promote every piece of content that your company publishes.

So, if you have avoided promoting your blog content because you felt overwhelmed or didn’t know where to even start, this post is for you. You spend a lot of time and money on your company’s blog so wouldn’t you like to increase its reach and leverage all of your content assets to help your business grow online? Here are seven simple ways you can start to promote your content right away.

7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Company’s Blog Content

1. Share on social media immediately.

As soon as you publish a new blog post you should share it across every social network your business is active on. This will typically include Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for most companies, while some will also be active on networks such as Pinterest and LinkedIn.

It takes just a few minutes to share and there are even several WordPress plugins that will automatically share your content on social media the second you click the publish button. There isn’t a single reason why your content shouldn’t be available on social media immediately after being published. This is a great way to attract instant referral traffic every time a new blog post goes live.

2. Re-share your content using a tool like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite lets you schedule social media posts to re-share your blog content with a very easy to use interface. Immediately after publishing a new post jump into Hootsuite and schedule the times you want to re-share the post. You will want to share it multiple times the first day it is published and then multiple times per week for the first month, then switch to a bi-monthly re-sharing schedule and then eventually a monthly schedule. You can schedule your re-sharing for the entire year with this platform.

With a tool like this you are taking a single piece of content that will now be used to market to your target audience multiple times. I you don’t schedule your content promotion on social media in advance like this you will lose track of your available content and laziness will often slow the momentum down. Take 10 minutes after you publish a post and your content will provide a much better return.

3. Send your new blog posts to your email list.

If someone has taken the time to join your company’s email list they are obviously interested in your brand, right? Take a minute to send a quick email to your entire list that provides a quick summary of the blog post and a direct link. Just two to three sentences that highlight the important points of the post is plenty. You don’t want to give too much information in the email, as you want the recipient to click-through and read the content on your blog.

Your email list is already interested in what you offer, so attracting that traffic back to your website will often deliver a higher conversion rate than traffic that is new to your brand. Take a few minutes to alert your email subscribers every time you have a new piece of content to engage with. Don’t worry about bothering them. Sure, you might get a few people that unsubscribe from your list, but they weren’t going to convert anyway.

4. Include a ‘similar posts’ widget after your blog posts.

If you read any of the major news websites you will see that at the end of every story they have a section that features similar news. When someone gets to the end of the content they are presented with several additional pieces of content to engage with. The click-through rates are typically very high. The goal is to keep your traffic on your website as long as possible. The longer they are on your site, the more likely they are to fill out a form or make a purchase.

If your company is using WordPress for your blog then you can install one of the many related post plugins that are available. It will automatically place similar pieces of content at the end of every blog post your publish. This is truly a hands-off strategy, as the plugin does all the work once it’s installed.

5. Share your posts on Reddit.

Reddit is a great resource but it’s important that you become a regular member in the community before you start posting content. First, locate some subreddits that are related to your business and start to comment and upvote within those specific subreddits. You want to become familiar with the other community members so you don’t appear to be a spammer.

Also, make sure to share other content that you find online and not just your own content. This helps to paint the picture that you are truly a valuable reddit member and not just one that joined simply to self-promote.

6. Include a blog content roundup in your newsletter.

If you are publishing content on a regular basis, more than twice a week, you can use your newsletter as a way to introduce all of your new content at once to your newsletter subscribers. We mentioned emailing your list every time you publish a new post -- and this is fine if you are publishing a single blog post weekly. If you are posting multiple times a week then send a single weekly email that features a recap of all your new content and links to each post.

When you send an overview with a small description of each post you are giving your audience complete control to select the content that they want to engage with. When they click through to read a specific post you know that they are interested in the topic. It takes a few minutes to put together these recap emails every week so make sure you make this part of your content promotion strategy.

7. Use paid content delivery options.

Services likeOutbrain and Taboola place your content at the end of related content on some of the largest media outlets. These services can drive a large volume of traffic to your website and it’s a great way to gain major exposure and introduce new prospects to your company.

These services operate on a cost per click model and you can start with a relatively small daily budget to test the waters. With continued optimization you can identify the best pieces of content to share, the best media outlets and eventually lower your CPC. There isn’t an easier or more effective way to introduce your content to a huge audience.

Implementing these simple content promotion methods can help you increase your reach per post, delivering a much higher content marketing ROI. Most company’s struggle because they are lazy. As you can see, there are several simple ways that you can start promoting your blog content immediately after publishing it.

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