6 Ways to Create Compelling Content That Converts

6 Ways to Create Compelling Content That Converts

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There is a lot of content out there these days. Every business is producing some type of content, but it isn’t always the right kind of content. In order to stand out from all of the other noise you have to create compelling content that attracts interest from your prospects. They will pass your brand over if you blend in with the rest, so what can you do to stand out?

We put together a small list to help you create content that delivers results. Try mixing some of these tips into your content strategy and see how your results improve.

6 Ways to Create Compelling Content That Converts

1. Solve problems and questions your prospects have.

Instead of producing content about generic topics dive into the most commonly asked questions that your prospects ask prior to converting into a sale. You should be able to quickly put together a list and if you are struggling with ideas just ask the people that communicate with your prospects daily.

Your customer service department is a goldmine for topics. Poll your customer service agents and sales reps and ask them to list the most common rebuttals, questions and concerns that they hear from prospects. When you can answer those questions and concerns right away you will see a much higher conversion rate.

2. Tell your brands story to connect with your audience.

Everyone likes a good story, so don’t be afraid to use content marketing to tell your story. Consumers like to interact with brands that they feel a connection to. Social media has made everyone more accessible, from C-level business executives to customer service agents. Tell your story through content and don’t limit yourself to blog posts.

Use image platforms such as Instagram to showcase your company culture and behind the scene information. YouTube videos are a great way to help build that personal connection with your audience, and Vine is a great way to give short peaks into what happens at your company. Tell your story and your prospects will become interested in your brand and learning more.

3. Trigger emotions with your content.

Effective content triggers an emotion that then causes an action. You have to create content with emotions in mind. How can you get your audience to not only connect with your brand but to also feel an emotional connection?

Think about past popular Super Bowl commercials, such as the Budweiser commercial with the puppy. That commercial connected with millions simply because they created a campaign and story around a little puppy. They played off the emotions of millions to build brand awareness and drive sales.

4. Make your content universal for all ages of your audience.

Don’t single anyone out when you are creating content. For example, if your product or service targets users in the 21 –55 age range don’t create content that only applies to the younger crowd or vice versa. You want every single person that is within your range to be able to personally connect with your content. If you exclude a certain age range you are going to miss out on possible conversions.

5. Encourage your customers to generate content for you.

Smart brands are creating their own hashtags and in return they have an army of users tweeting, posting Facebook messages and sharing Instagram pictures all branded for the company. This spreads through social channels and it continues to create exponential exposure.

If you go this route share, re-gram and re-tweet your users content. They are doing you a huge favor by promoting your brand, and showing a little appreciation will encourage them to continue.

6. Make sure your content is easily digestible.

When writing content make sure that it is easy to digest. This isn’t to say that your content needs to be short. In fact, there are many SEO benefits to producing long form content. You need to make sure that regardless of content length, that is is easy to read and skim.

Use short paragraphs with two or three sentences in each and break up your content with headings, numbered lists and bullet points. Not every visitor is going to read your content word for word. The majority will skim though, and as long as you break it up into little easy to digest points even those that skim thought it will still absorb your message.

Use these tips to help create compelling content. When you separate your brand from the other content noise floating around you will begin to convert more traffic and drive leads, sales and revenue.

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