6 Ways to Improve Your PPC Advertising

6 Ways to Improve Your PPC Advertising

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If your PPC advertising is experiencing low click through rates and conversion rates your ad copy might be to blame. Due to the size limitations of PPC ads you must use the available character space wisely in order to present your ads in a manner that attracts clicks.

Understanding how to improve your pay-per-click ads can help you improve the click through and conversion rate of your PPC campaign. Turning average ad copy into excellent ad copy can drastically improve your clicks, conversions, and revenue. Use the following six tips to help you improve the performance of your pay-per-click ads.

6 Ways to Improve Your PPC Advertising

1. Highlight benefits and use them as selling points

Make sure to highlight the benefits of your product or service in your ad copy. Highlighting specific benefits that are important to your target audience can attract clicks, especially those that are on the fence. Test different selling points and find out what ones result in the best click through and conversion rates.

2. Answer objections in your ad copy

Eliminate possible objections or concerns within your ad copy. Text such as “Guaranteed,” “Certified,” or “No Risk” can deliver an instant level of comfort. If a potential question or objection the consumer may have is answered in the ad copy it can help increase the click through rate and result in more of those clicks converting once they land on your website.

3. Use attention grabbing ad titles

The title of your ad is the first thing your potential website visitor will see. A good title will capture their attention and result in a click, while a bad title will be passed over in favor of a competing ad. Your product or service could be amazing, but unless your title instantly grabs the attention of the individual looking at it they will end up on your competitor’s website.

4. Test multiple ad variations

In order to develop a successful pay-per-click campaign you will need to test multiple keywords, ad copy, titles, and targeting options. By testing multiple variations of each component you can then assemble the best performing parts to develop ads that perform well for your campaign. Pay-per-click advertising is not as simple as it might look, as it requires constant testing and optimizing to fine-tune the overall performance. When done correctly, PPC produces incredible results.

5. Write ad copy for the consumer in mind

Many businesses write ad copy that resembles technical product descriptions. Craft ad copy for your target consumer and write it in a language they will understand and relate to. Ad copy that is creative and easy to understand will perform better than ad copy that is technical jargon because the consumer connects with it.

6. Enhance your offer

If you are still experiencing low conversion rates then you will need to look into your offer. As mentioned above, testing different ads is important, and the same is true when it comes to offers. Test multiple offers as well, because sometimes the slightest change can result in a sudden increase in campaign performance. Both ends of the campaign, the ads and the offer, need to be perfect.

These tips can help improve the success of your pay-per-click advertising campaign. If you would like more tips about PPC advertising and other online marketing strategies make sure to sign up for our free weekly newsletter, which also gives you access to our free 80+ page online marketing strategy guide, “The Complete A-Z Online Marketing Strategy Guide.”

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