5 Signs Your Business Needs to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

5 Signs Your Business Needs to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

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Is it time to hire an inbound marketing agency? Are you fed up with your current results and ready to experience real growth? Every business has a team of employees that falls into one of the following four categories:

  • The lazy lump – these are the employees that do nothing and everyone wonders why they even show up to work.
  • The “just enough” mentality – these are those that do just enough to skate by and won’t ever do anything extra.
  • The jack of all trades/master of none – these employees try to dip their hands into everything but they actually contribute nothing.
  • The employee with a sore back – these are the members of your organization that have to pick up the slack and end up carrying everyone on their back.

Many businesses will have an internal marketing team, and sometimes the structure just doesn’t work. There is a lot of pressure to perform and hit milestone numbers, but if the team isn’t working well together the results just aren’t going to be there. Creative energy can eventually run out as well. Often times aligning with a long-term strategic marketing partner is the best option.

5 Signs Your Business Needs to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

So, how do you know that it is time to look outside your organization for a strategic inbound marketing partner? Here are five signs that it is time to make a move:

1. You Are Creating Content But The Sales Aren’t Coming

Some businesses have no problem with creating a lot of content, but simply creating it doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. The biggest problem that we see is that companies are not targeting the right consumer, therefore the sales just aren’t happening. You need to define your target audience and figure out ways to get your content in front of them.

This can be a tricky task and will usually require a well thought out strategy. If the internal team doesn’t have extensive first hand experience with successful online campaigns then you will benefit greatly by partnering with an inbound marketing agency to identify the buyer personas that need to be targeted.

2. Your Sales Team Complains That There Are Not Enough Leads

Most sales teams make the majority of their salary through commissions, so if the leads are slow then their opportunity to make money becomes a very small window. If the phones are ringing and the leads are slowly trickling in then there is a good chance that the sales department is voicing their displeasure. This is very bad for company morale, so sometimes you need to make a change to turn up the lead volume.

Working with an inbound marketing agency can help to identify new lead opportunities and also audit your current lead generation process. Often times it can be optimized to improve performance and new lead channels can be created to deliver the lead quality and quantity that is desired.

3. Your Numbers Are Not Being Met

All marketing is done to reach specific goals. This could be a certain amount of leads, a specific sales number, or a variety of other goals based on numbers. When goals aren’t being met it can cause turmoil in the office. Online marketing is constantly changing and sometimes a fresh approach can make a huge difference.

Delegating your number goals to an inbound marketing agency can relieve some of that internal stress and allow your team to focus on other areas of your business. Let the agency worry about increasing your lead quality and volume, and you worry about closing all of the new leads.

4. Not Sure What’s Working & What Isn’t

Some businesses have a ton of leads coming through, their phones are ringing off the hook and sales a re great. So, why in the world would they need to work with an inbound marketing agency? Well, many of these companies have no idea what is working and what is causing the success. Not knowing what is working is very dangerous for many reasons:

  • What if the leads and sales come to a halt -- then what?
  • Some of the marketing could be a complete waste of money, but without knowing what is working that wasted spend is hard to identify.
  • What if the company needs to focus on increasing their growth -- without knowing what is working it will be hard to scale.

An inbound marketing agency can help to set up all of your marketing campaigns in a way that everything is measurable. This allows you to eliminate the things that aren't working and scale the ones that are. This is how real growth is accomplished.

5. Your Marketing Team is Spread Too Thin

Some businesses have small marketing teams consisting of one or two individuals. This can cause them to get backlogged with work, which then impacts their ability to carry out the campaigns. Aligning with a successful inbound marketing agency can take some of the weight off your shoulders. When your team is spread too thin it results in poor performance. Remember, your marketing is responsible for attracting new leads and sales. If your marketing suffers then so does every other aspect of your business.

Hiring an inbound marketing agency as your strategic marketing partner, but if your company is experiencing any of the signs we discussed above it might be the perfect time to align yourself with a company that can help take you to the top. If you would like to learn more about our custom online marketing solutions please contact us for a free consultation and strategy development session.

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