5 Reasons to Use AdWords Call-Only Ads in PPC Campaigns

5 Reasons to Use AdWords Call-Only Ads in PPC Campaigns

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There is a very good reason why your business should be using AdWords call-only ads in your PPC campaign: mobile traffic is growing at an alarming rate and shows no sign of slowing down. Why would you want mobile searchers to be able to instantly call your business via a single click? Check out these statistics directly from Google:

  • 70% of individuals performing a search on a mobile device will call a business directly from the search results
  • 79% of individuals that own a mobile device use it to shop online
  • 82% of individuals that use their mobile device to shop online use search to help them shop

The new call-only campaign option from AdWords is an upgraded version of the call extensions that are available. A call extension allows you to include your phone number in a traditional PPC ad, giving the consumer the choice to click-through to your website or call your business. The call-only ads only give the consumer one option -- to call your business.

This new feature is very simple to set up in your AdWords campaign. When setting up a new campaign you simply select the “Call-only” option as shown here:

5 Reasons to Use AdWords Call-Only Ads in PPC Campaigns

This is great news for businesses that are running PPC campaigns to generate phone calls, but there are also reasons why every business can benefit from this new pay per click ad type, including these five:

1. “Call: (Phone Number)” Call-to-Action

On Call-only ads you will see that the phone number is the top line of ad copy with a “Call” notation. This is designed to get the individual performing the search to take action and click to call. The bold blue text really draws the consumer to the phone number. Here is an example of a call-only PPC ad for a Miami pest control company. They are targeting local consumers with a local area code:

Google AdWords Call-only example

2. Visible Call Button

The call button is placed right next to the ad in the same place it would appear as a call extension. With call-only ads the user cannot click over to a website. The only option available is to call the business. If you look at these paid search ads for local Miami plumbers below you will see the first ad is a traditional PPC ad that uses a call extension, while the second ad is a call-only ad, featuring a phone number on the top line of the ad copy as well as the call button.

Call-only PPC Google ad

3. Only Paying For Phone Calls

With call-only campaigns you are receiving a phone call every time someone clicks on your ad. With a traditional PPC click the user is directed to your website and then they will either fill out a contact form, call your business, perform another action or leave your website without doing anything. Call-only ads connect the consumer with your business every time. Some businesses that assign a high value to a live phone call can bid higher and really drive their phone volume through the roof. This AdWords campaign option is going to allow a lot of businesses to grow very quickly.

4. Less Conversion Funnel Fall Through

Most PPC campaigns are sending traffic to a landing page. The goal of every landing page will differ greatly depending on the goal. Some campaigns are designed to convert traffic into leads via an email submit offer, some campaigns are pushing trial offers, some are trying to convert sales and some want to generate calls to the business. No PPC campaign is going to convert at 100%.

Most campaigns will have a conversion path set up and as the prospect advances through the funnel a higher percentage will drop off. Call-only campaigns eliminate the fall through. By placing the consumer on the phone with your business right away you don’t have to wait for your conversion funnel to do the work. This is very beneficial to several business types.

5. Ultra Targeted Ads

When writing ad copy for regular PPC ads you have to make sure that the copy matches the call-to-action found on the landing page in order to experience high conversion rates. With call-only ads the phone call is the call-to-action so your ad copy needs to prompt the call. This allows advertisers to really create targeted ads without having to make sure the copy grabs the attention of the person searching while also staying consistent with the landing page copy. It is also important that you use some text in your ads that emphasizes the fact that they will be connected by phone and not directed to a landing page. “Speak to,” “Call now,” and “Connect now” will help drive that awareness.

Call-only PPC ads are a great way to instantly increase phone calls and connect you with people that are actively seeking for the products or service that your business offers. To stay up to date with PPC and online marketing news, tips and trends make sure you sign up for our free weekly newsletter.

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