5 New Types of Content You Should Consider Using

5 New Types of Content You Should Consider Using

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There are several new types of content that your business should consider using. The content is the backbone of a well thought out SEO strategy, whether it’s blog posts, infographics, animated videos or an image. Too many businesses have blinders on and only think about blog posts when they hear the word content.

If you look at some of the more savvy brands out there you will notice that they are now introducing new media formats into their content marketing strategies. Here are five new types of content that you should look into, as it could provide you with an edge over your competition and help propel your current content marketing campaign.

5 New Types of Content You Should Consider Using

1. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is becoming very popular, with Meerkat and Periscope leading the charge. Meerkat won SXSW, but Twitter acquiring Periscope took some of that spotlight away. They are both very popular live video streaming apps and it won’t shock anyone when Facebook introduces their own version.

The biggest draw here is the ability to create live engagement as well as encouraging current brand supporters to live broadcast and mention your brand to their audience. You can live stream new product introductions, live stream special coupon specials or just let your audience peek into your company culture via a live streaming session.

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2. Podcasts

Podcasts seemed to slow down in popularity for a while but now that virtually everyone has a smartphone these days they have seen a major surge in popularity. If you produce information packed podcasts your audience is going to find time to listen: on their morning commute, at the gym, or while relaxing.

Smartphones allow them to access your audio content anywhere and anytime. More and more businesses are picking up on this trend and starting a podcast. You will have a major advantage if you are the first to market. You can promote your podcast through the same channels you use to promote a piece of written content: social media, your website, and your email list are just a few sources of listeners.

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3. Interactive Apps

Many businesses have apps but they don’t provide any benefit that can’t be found or experienced on their website. Consumers want to be entertained and you need to give them a good reason to download your app. One way is to create an interactive element that is going to cause them to open your app often and tell their friends to download your app.

One way is by developing an app that contains an addictive game. You don’t have to come up with some over the top game, as sometimes the simplest ideas catch on the fastest. Think about the game Flappy Birds. It was so basic but people became addicted to the game. A simple game that people can’t put down will help you attract brand awareness if you incorporate a social sharing element. Allow your players to share their high score via Twitter and Facebook. This simple feature can result in thousands of additional app downloads and website visitors.

4. Video Series

Almost every business can create a weekly or monthly video series. This can be a how-to series, general information or even a series about your company culture. The key here is to create something that your audience is going to want to tune into and continue to visit every time you publish a new video.

People are addicted to social media and love to share things that they read, watch and engage with. If they enjoy your video series they are going to naturally share it on social media. This is just another form of content marketing that is going to help you build brand awareness and attract visitors to your website.

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5. Live Tweeting

Many brands take advantage of live tweeting, and this is a great way to interact with your audience. Live tweeting events will usually start small, but they can grow provided that you deliver good content and information. Re-tweets that contain your branded hashtag for your live tweeting session will introduce more people to it and your audience can snowball quickly.

If you have a large Twitter following you are ahead of the game and can get your followers to participate form the beginning. If not, you can use Twitter ads to promote your live tweet events and build your follower base that way when starting out.

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These new content formats are working very well to help attract new prospects and customers, as they offer a new way for them to interact with your brand. Give them a try and see how they perform for you.

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