4 Types of Content for a Successful SEO Campaign

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Many people hear the term SEO and automatically think of links. While links are important, you need quality content to attract links. Automated link building is dead and unless you want your site to be hit with a penalty it should be avoided. You need high quality links and one of the best ways to acquire these links is through content marketing. Here are 4 types of content marketing that can help you gain some nice links for your SEO campaign:

1. Blog Posts

Your website should have a dedicated blog that is updated regularly with fresh content. Creating and publishing good content on your blog will begin to attract visitors and regular readers. This can translate into sites starting to reference your content and providing a link back to your blog posts.

When done correctly you will begin to acquire industry related links, something that is very important in today’s search engine optimization landscape. When creating blog posts for your website make sure you write for the readers. You shouldn’t be writing the posts for the search engines. Give your readers good useful information and you will be rewarded with links and social shares.

2. Guest Blog Posts

Another great way to gain nice links is to guest blog on websites related to your industry. Not only will you gain some great links for your SEO campaign, but you also have the ability to attract new website visitors. Guest blogging is great for branding, search engine optimization, and traffic. When you begin to think of the big picture you notice that SEO is just a small piece of the online marketing puzzle.

Make a list of high quality websites that accept guest bloggers and reach out and introduce your business and website and also give them a little information about your background and expertise. There are plenty of guest blogging opportunities out there but make sure that you stay away from lower quality websites and sites that appear to accept anyone as a guest blogger. You want only high quality sites to link back to your site.

3. Infographic Linkbait

Infographics are a very strong form of linkbait and they can really spread fast and result in highly relevant links for your SEO campaign. The visual element of infographics create a lot of social sharing and if you monitor your links you will see a lot of sites will pick the infographic up and provide a link back to your site.

Infographics have been known to go viral on websites link Digg and Reddit, causing them to spread all over the internet. It is quite possible to get link from some of the largest websites in the world through a very well thought out infographic marketing campaign. Hot breaking news plus infographics equal linkbait gold. Infographic creation and distribution can get expensive, but the quality of links gained can far exceed that investment.

4. Press Releases

Many SEO companies used Press Releases years ago to gain links, but today the approach is much different. Years ago the PR would be written with keywords stuffed throughout it with rich anchor text links pointing back to the website. This is not what we suggest. In fact, we would stay far away from using rich anchor text links in a Press Release. Instead a brand name link works just fine, but the goal with the Press Release is to grab the attention of media outlets.

If there is breaking news or a major story within your industry you can create an informative blog post on your site and then distribute a Press Release that references the blog post on your site and includes a link to it. If it as truly newsworthy then there is a good chance some major media outlets will pick it up and include a link back to the source.

These little tips can really help ignite your content marketing strategy and help you gain high quality links as well as organic traffic to your website. Of course every business is different and needs a custom online marketing plan, but these general tips can be used to give you an idea of what components should be included. If you have questions regarding online marketing or are interested in discussing how our custom online marketing campaigns can help grow your business please use the contact form located on our website and get in touch. We love helping businesses expand their reach and increase their revenue!

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