3 Tips to Kick Start Your Content Marketing

3 Tips to Kick Start Your Content Marketing

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Time is one thing that many business owners don’t have a lot of, and while they know that content marketing is an important part of online marketing, they simply don’t think they have the time (and resources) to create engaging content.

If you are a business owner and you are struggling to develop a content marketing strategy you need to step back and realize that there are ways to help save your business time during the content creation and promotion process. It is also possible to create a content marketing strategy on a limited budget. Use the following three tips to kick start your content marketing.

3 Tips to Kick Start Your Content Marketing

Constantly Curate Content

You can create your own content by writing yourself, or assigning blog topics to your staff. There is also the option of hiring a ghostwriter, but if you are operating on a tight budget you will want to keep the content creation in-house. Along with your own original content you can curate topics and pieces from trusted media sources.

Spend a few minutes at the start of your day and read through some of the top online publication in your industry. You can also use RSS feeds to gather content ideas and topics. Dedicate a small block of time every day for creating content. Build up a surplus of content and use a publishing schedule program to make your life easier. Not only will this help you automatically schedule pieces to go live, but you can look at the calendar and see how far out you have content planned for. When you create in advance it allows you to miss a day or two when something else in your business requires your full attention.

Another way to source content quickly is by accepting guest writers. Reach out to bloggers within your industry and offer them a platform to be seen. Often times you can find great writers that will provide you with content in exchange for author credit. There are a lot of people that solicit guest posting for links and the quality of the content is usually low and just thrown together. Find enthusiasts that want to contribute for the right reasons and it will greatly enhance your content marketing success.

Make Time

We spoke about setting aside a small block of time daily to create content. There is no way around it; you need to incorporate content marketing into your plan if you want to have a successful online presence.

You also need to set time aside for the promotional part of content marketing. The majority of businesses use social media as a way to kick start all of their new content. Take 20 or 30 minutes each day (or delegate it to someone within your company) for social media promotion. This should include posting new content, sharing old content, and responding to tweets and messages. There are several social media marketing software platforms that can help you get your message across faster and track the interaction, but a new business can do this manually if the budget is tight.

Since you will be creating content and scheduling it ahead of time it is important to keep a list of future topics you want to write about. If you are doing your morning reading and you see a topic you want to cover then simply write it down. This also helps to make sure you are never wasting time trying to think of a topic to write about. When you do it right you will never have to waste a second trying to think of a topic. Most businesses that complain about not having the time to create content are wasting valuable time daily struggling to think of topics to write about.

Create Value

When you create amazing content that your website visitors find to be valuable they will immediately not only appreciate your company, but also trust it as well. They will have an interest in the products or services that you sell simply because you are providing them with valuable content. They will also naturally share your content with their social media connections if they feel that it provides value.

This is also a great way to address common questions about your service or product. If you can eliminate these from the start it will result in faster conversions. Consumers appreciate when they can quickly find answers to their questions and this approach also helps to build consumer trust. Make an effort to provide value through your content marketing and you will be rewarded with a responsive audience.

Content is a great way to attract your target audience, get them engaged with your brand, and then eventually convert them into customers. Take the time to develop content that they want to read and share via social media. Make sure that you set aside the time to get it done. It is easy to make excuses and say that you don’t have time, but excuses will not get your business anywhere.

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