3 Key Components to Successful Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

3 Key Components to Successful Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

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The cosmetic surgery industry is growing at the speed of light. Almost 18 million people went “under the knife” in 2018. This is a 25 percent increase from 2017.

The high demand for cosmetic surgery procedures calls for a high supply. The number of plastic surgery clinics in the USA is growing, making the competition fierce.

Cosmetic surgery marketing is becoming a special art, without which it’s impossible to stay ahead of the competition. Knowing how to structure your promotional campaign can help your company grow and develop while leaving the competitors behind.

1. Branding is the Key

Plastic surgeons should be very proactive when promoting their image. What makes you a better surgeon than the other 100,000 surgeons in the USA? To be honest, it’s probably possible to find a couple of surgeons with the same experience and expertise. How can you make yourself stand out? Do some serious branding.

When creating your image, make sure you are honest about your skills but never promise the impossible. Remember that there is a difference between “I’ll make you look like Angelina Jolie” and “We do everything possible to make you look better.” Make sure your patients have realistic expectations. This can help you avoid unhappy clients and bad reviews, or worse, lawsuits.

  • Draft your image in a positive manner but avoid unnecessary promises.
  • Use simple language and avoid jargon.
  • Use a second or a first-person approach to make a better connection with the client.
  • Focus on problems that your patients want to solve.

When branding your clinic, make sure to be careful with the images you use. Posters of perfect-looking models are not popular anymore. According to Seattle cosmetic surgeons at LaBelleVie, people are more surgery-savvy than they used to. They understand that it’s impossible to become someone from the magazine cover. So by showing that cover, you may put them off.

Ideally, you should be using the “before and after” pictures of your work. However, not many patients are ready to put their bodies on your website or posters. If you don’t find such candidates for branding efforts, look for photos that show real people rather than photoshopped models.

When creating your special image, remember that photos of people aren’t everything. You have to work on the way your clinic looks from the inside. It should be clean, sparkling, and highly appealing. A person should feel as if they are entering a cosmetic surgery sanctuary rather than a standard doctor’s office.

2. Website Is the Power

When you are done with branding. The next step is designing a highly attractive website. A top-notch website is an integral part of any marketing effort regardless of the nature of your business. For cosmetic surgeons, it must be perfect.

Remember, your potential clients are likely to spend hours browsing websites before choosing the right clinic. Make sure your website makes them pick yours.

The website should be an excellent first impression. It should scream “professional,” “trustworthy,” “comfortable” and “experienced.” Don’t overwhelm your patients with unnecessary information. The landing page should show all they need to know about your clinic in the shortest manner possible.

Meanwhile, your website is the platform for your SEO efforts. SEO is an integral part of cosmetic surgery marketing. At Miromind, we understand that healthcare SEO has its special nuances, which are impossible to tweak without an excellently drafted website.

When a potential client visits your website, you only have a few seconds to capture his or her attention. Be educational. Be straightforward. Be accessible. These three points can help you win the patient.

The website must be adapted for mobile use, load quickly, and help the patient find extensive information about the procedures your clinic offers.

3. Content is the King

Cosmetic surgery marketing is greatly simplified by potential patients’ deep need for information. Before deciding to undergo surgery, a person looks for information about it. That’s where your marketing team comes in. You must provide top-notch information about the cosmetic procedures and answer all the questions a person may have.

To achieve that, you need to create high-quality content and put it in such strategic places as social media, forums, blogs, etc. Of course, the main source of information for your potential patients should be your website. Make sure there is a different landing page for each procedure coupled with an extensive FAQ section.

Satisfy the patients’ hunger for information with top-notch content, and they are likely to come to your doorstep when they finally decide to go under the knife.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic surgery marketing comes with numerous nuances. You have to start with creating an informative website, a strong brand and top-notch content. The rest of the marketing methods stem from these three pillars.

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