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18 SEO Blogs You Should Add to Your Daily Reading List

By | Wednesday, April 24, 2019 | 6 comments

Every website needs to understand what SEO is, and how it impacts their results in the organic search results. To 'win; when it comes to search engine optimization, requires staying constantly up-to-date on the latest news, algorithm changes and best practices.

One of the best ways to learn SEO if you're a beginner or stay up-to-speed on the latest developments is by reading SEO blogs. But, with so many out there how do you know what ones are worth your time?

After all, time is our most valuable asset.

I asked several SEO experts, from agency owners to heads of SEO departments, to tell what their favorite SEO blog was. Here are eighteen you should go check out.

Here is a list of several SEO blogs to check out and add to your bookmarks. If you are serious about mastering search engine optimization these are must-reads.

1. The Recipe for SEO Success

The Recipe for SEO Success SEO blog

"This blog has a variety of tips and tricks for every level of SEO. From beginner to advanced, I always learn something from these blogs to apply to my own strategy." -- Cassidy Barney, Epic Marketing

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel SEO blog

"This blog fulfills several different sets of needs for SEO specialists. Neil Patel provides a lot of fresh new ideas that you may not have thought about trying before. It's an informative blog worth adding to your reading -- there is plenty of case studies and data to help explain the different strategies explained." -- Jason Cole, Belo + Company

3. Orbit Media

Orbit Media SEO blog

"Andy Crestodina is one of the best writers on the subject of content marketing and SEO. He has some of the most user-friendly examples and step by step guides on both SEO and content marketing. I’ve learned more from this blog than anywhere else. Andy is also a dynamic speaker and would highly recommend checking his speaking engagements out if you have a chance." -- Matthew Zajechowski, Digital Third Coast

4. Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards SEO blog

"Robbie Richard's blog contains advanced SEO strategies that are spelled out in clear and concise terms. He provides real-world examples and tools to help implement the strategies." -- Sean D. Francis, Blue Magnet Interactive

5. Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google Webmaster Central SEO Blog

"This blog should be on every digital marketer’s reading list. The Google Webmaster team posts about important Google updates, new features for Google tools that help you strengthen your SEO efforts, and even answers highly debated questions from around the SEO community." -- Dan DelMain, Delmain

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO blog

"Tim Soulo and the marketing team at Ahrefs have invested an incredible amount of time and money into their blog. They typically publish one long-form article each week doing a deep-dive into various SEO-related topics. Each post, whether it’s on 301 redirects, YouTube SEO or competitor analysis, provides immediate and actionable takeaways." -- Jason Thibault, Massive Kontent

7. Detailed

Detailed SEO blog

"Detailed is one of the best SEO blogs on the internet. He doesn't post all that often, but I mean it when I say every single post I've read has been insightful. Most of his posts are full of actionable content and most cover topics and approaches that are brand new to me." -- Brooks Manley, Engenius

8. Gotch

Gotch SEO blog

"This is a very data-driven blog that is in-depth and super actionable. Every time they publish new content, I read and implement when I learn. It has awesome video content, too." -- Trevor Tynes

9. SEO by the Sea

SEO by the Sea SEO blog

"While not updated daily, the author Bill Slawski really goes into depth on the topics he writes about and gives his audience something to really take from it. I could have mentioned all the standard SEO blogs but I really get more out of a new topic from blogs like this one." -- Rob Boirun, PopNet Media

10. Linchpin

Linchpin SEO blog

"This is definitely a resource for well-researched, highly analyzed content. They're just really smart and candid about their work." -- DJ Francis, Hub And Spoke Marketing

11. Backlinko

Backlinko SEO blog

"It's not a daily reader because he specifically posts less often in order to craft really comprehensive material, but well worth checking out. His case studies are fascinating and thorough, and as a marketer, you have to admire how he practices what he preaches. He's excellent at promoting his personal brand, which is something to learn from itself." -- Amanda Milligan, Fractl

12. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land SEO blog

"Search Engine Land is a great resource to learn about new trends in the industry so that you can improve your own website. It's full of industry news and often one of the first outlets to break news." -- Nick VanHuis, Rebuild Group

13. Digitaleer

Digitaleer SEO blog

"I really enjoy the blog put out by Clint Butler of Digitaleer. Every week he breaks down all of the articles centering around SEO and lets us know what is worthy. He calls it 'SEO This Week' and additionally does a live YouTube show weekly. Anybody that likes to stay on the cutting edge of what is happening in SEO should seriously consider checking out this resource." -- Dan Hale, Cloud Inspector Web Design

14. Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing SEO blog

"I really enjoy reading Power Digital's blog for useful tips as another fellow digital marketing agency. Their blog's great for not only the more technical aspects of SEO, but since they're a multi-faceted agency, they do a very good job of explaining how one aspect of SEO may interact with Social Media, or PR, or the other tactics that full-service agencies use. Oftentimes, it's easy to forget that SEO isn't the only thing that's important on a website. Power Digital's posts remind me of that, and teach me how I can apply my results across other disciples." -- Alexa DeKalb, NYC Search & Social

15. Casual Fridays

Casula Fridays SEO blog

"Casual Fridays is a social media marketing company, but their blog and podcast cover every aspect of digital marketing. Everyone knows the importance of content in SEO, so I like to use this blog to help inspire new ideas for our clients. Taking something I see that is working really well for the hospitality industry on social media and seeing how I can adapt that strategy for an organic SEO campaign." -- Erica Palmisano, FirstPage Marketing

16. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal SEO blog

"It’s tough to choose just one, but my favorite -- or most read anyway -- SEO blog has to be Search Engine Journal. SEJ is great because of the depth and variety of the articles. They’ve been around forever and have some very insightful articles that range from beginner to advanced/technical SEO." -- Jacob Ruff, Inseev Interactive

17. Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes SEO blog

"It's always packed full of data, research, and statistics about real life situations she is working on with her clients. She does deep dives into Google guidelines and provides great real-life how-to's for almost any SEO pitfall. She helps with keyword-related rank droppings, problems with Google My Business listings, or even bigger issues like surviving algorithm changes. Her recommendations and advice are always solid." -- Tammy Smith, Page 1 Solutions, LLC

18. The Hoth

The Hoth SEO blog

"The Hoth not only provides some of the best white-label SEO services in the industry, the value that comes from their posted content is loaded with gold nuggets -- i.e. actionable tips, techniques and strategies for local and national SEO. They also have a video blog. I have yet to see any SEO publication pack in fun vlogs with solid SEO advice. Definitely the most entertaining SEO company out there." -- C.J. Redmond, Page 1 Solutions, LLC

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